Economy size Organix!

I came from WalMart earlier & saw that Organix now has economy size bottles of their conditioner & sulfate-free shampoo!

Because I'm a sucker for coconut scent & WM doesn't carry the whole line, that's all I looked at so I don't know if they're in all the 'flavors' or not.

They're $9.94 for the large bottle versus $5.94 for the small bottle.
Ummm, I'm not sayin it
3a/3b coarse and thick.....big and red

Advanced Deva inspired Stylist
Come on now, don't let the cat get your tongue!
Ummm, I'm not sayin it
spit it out
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just read the title wrong, first time around.

3a/3b coarse and thick.....big and red

Advanced Deva inspired Stylist
just read the title wrong, first time around.

Originally Posted by bigredapmi
Oh I see!
Do you actually like any of the conditioners?
I have the vanilla shampoo and I like it, but as for conditioners I have tried the Vanilla one and the Mocha and they both have been really thick, but not moisturizing at all and I have used both bottles in a few washes just trying to make my hair comb able but have always ended up having to add something else with more slip to it... but I keep getting sucked in cause they smell nice
Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c
I do like the conditioners. But I also have fine stranded normal thickness 3A hair.

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