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Default Products you shouldn't mix...

I had an interesting mad scientist moment the other day - went to wash my hair and attempted to go no-protein for the day, which meant using Inecto Pure Coconut Oil as my co-wash. After rinsing (and I generally rinse pretty well) I used my normal rinse out, GVP CB. This was a bad idea - the mixture of the two gave off an awful smell - like old leaves. I thought I had maybe just gotten a whiff of someone's garden through the window or something, but I went and mixed a teeny bit of both on my hand and had the same result. I have no idea if it was just a bad scent reaction or if it was actually a massive chemical reaction and I am lucky to not be bald - but regardless, I've decided not to mix these products. (if anyone knows why this happened, I'd love to know!)

So - anyone else with tales of bad product combinations? And I don't mean that they didn't perfect your curls - I mean ones that just didn't smell right... or seemed to do more ill than good.
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I am experimenting with conditioner and aloŽ vera gel as a creme for second day hair. I mixed the gel and some GDLI one day. Mix in my hands, not looking at the hands, put it in my hair upside down, looked in the mirror to fix some pieces and found hunderds of tiny white chunks of GDLI stuck to my hair
It seems aloŽ vera and GDLI on dry hair, without checking the mixture in my hands FIRST was quite a bad combo

I got it out in the shower quite easily, thank god...
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I was just thinking of gel and some conditioners. My hair looked like I try to do a DT with cottage cheese!
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Originally Posted by oddityofwings View Post
So - anyone else with tales of bad product combinations? And I don't mean that they didn't perfect your curls - I mean ones that just didn't smell right... or seemed to do more ill than good.
I don't know what it is with some conditioners & styling creams, but in my hair, not for other people I've been told, the stuff smells like wet dog.

I've had a couple other things foam up in my hair, but again, not for other people.

And I've had the usual cottage cheese clumps other people have experienced when mixing a gel & conditioner in-hand.
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