Cheap blow dryer??

I'm looking in to getting my first diffuser and I heard that the "Conair Pro Universal Finger Diffuser" works well. It costs about $7, which is right up in my alley. My blow dryer however is broken and I need a new one. The old one lasted a pretty long time and was only ten dollars, and I hope to find a new one at about the same price. Does anyone know of any good dryers at this price (that have hot, warm and cool settings) that this diffuser will fit? It's the one in this link:,pd.html
Much thanks : )
I'm also looking for a dryer that legitimately works. It's a bit crazy having to wake up 2 hours before I go to class/work just so my hair can dry and my curls form... I'm tired of waiting. :\ That diffuser looks awesome, btw.

But I have no dryer as I don't really apply heat to my hair!
Hopefully it works well too, I've only heard good things. Good luck.
That diffuser looks good because it has a nice deep bowl to cup the curls. I have an expensive dryer that I bought when I was still straightening my hair, but I have found that the cheaper dryers with less power actually work better for diffusing because a) there is less heat so you don't damage your hair b) there is less power so your curls move around more = less frizz. HTH
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I just got a conair diffuser too, but I got the tourmaline model:,pd.html

I've only had it for a few weeks, but so far, so good. My dryer also seems to have a wider than usual "snout" and I was worried that this wouldn't fit, but it isn't an issue at all. It fits, it stays on, and it works.
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I just want to make sure I know a dryer to buy before I get the diffuser.
I'm not sure you'll find a dryer for under $10 bucks with 3 temp setting (hot warm cool). Most of the cheaper ones have 2 temps. Here is one at Target for $17.

Sometimes you can get the dryer diffuser combo for around $25-30. Check out Target and Walmart and see what you can find.
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I bought a cheap conair one that came with a diffuser but it's not so great. I'll just buy the diffuser I wanted separately. The total cost is under $20.

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