Afrokinks and backorder questions for online shoppers!

I ordered from Afrokinks on 9/4/09. I got my order today. I ordered the DM MiraCurls and the DM Coco Hemp Buttermilk. So shipping was pretty fast to me and I'm happy with that.

I had a question and the person responded right away to it which was also good.

The issue: Today I got my package and it only had the MiraCurls jar--no Coco Hemp Buttermilk. There was nothing in the box at all explaining. I was puzzled so checked my email and I just got an email from them stating the CHB was out of stock. That is really disappointing! I would have thought they would have notified me before to let me know. I might have been able to substitute something else. Or if it was backordered they could have let me know an ETA for it. Instead they will refund the money within 24 hours. I don't know whether that will include any shipping refund as well (since I paid to ship the weight of two products but got only one). I just find it weird that I am only now being notified when the product shipped several days ago--and my refund won't go in for 24 hours..that's several days after they knew I wasn't getting the product and could have told me. This is a first for me...

The main reason this bothers me is that shipping is expensive for buying online..particulary for hair products. I only bought both as that helped me with the shipping. If they were only going to ship 1 product I would actually have cancelled--because now I have to order the CHB from somewhere else and overall the cost will be much higher due to separate shipping costs.

I was planning yesterday on placing another order but when I tried to put things in my cart they were out of stock. The KBB hair milk (they only have one scent anyway) comes up as out of stock. So I got worried since I want to be able to order all my products together if if they are out of some of the KBB I want then I prefer to just order all I want from the KBB website.

Has anyone had any experiences with Afrokinks? If they do not have adequate supply of product I prefer to order direct from the company itself. It appears a little pricier but if I'm going to get out of stock or backordered and refunded then in the end it will cost me much more money to order from them--because I'll have to order the other products separately. I also worry if they go out of stock and don't say that they will ship when available that they may have old products on the shelves...and when they sell out they don't order more. Since many products are natural this worries me..but I guess I could look at it the other way and assume more frequent product rotation?

Sorry this is so long..but I wanted to get feedback. Perhaps I am just too picky but every dollar counts in this economy and I'm just super bummed that now I have to order it separately and that I was not notified before about this in time to alter the order.

I am very happy otherwise with their service (Mary seemed nice) but this issue is kind of big for me. I usually get email notices if something is out of stock before it ships with much of the rest I buy---or like amazon they ship later but don't charge separate shipping...but I still get the product/item.

What have you all previously encountered?
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I have ordered from Afrokinks several times. One of my Komaza Care items was out of stock one time and I did get an email that the other items shipped. I looked on the Komaza website and noticed that the product had been discontinued. I sent an email to Mary stating could she send me the replacement product instead of the one that was out of stock. She shipped it right away and I actually got that product first before the other ones.

I usually order and receive my products from Afrokinks within one week. One time, it was taking longer than the usual week. I emailed Mary and my products were shipped the next day.

I am surprised that there were so many items out of stock. Besides the two instances above, I have not had any problems ordering from Afrokinks. I have not ordered from them in a couple of months though. I order products for my niece so I will eventually use them again. Hope this helps.
I've ordered from Afrokinks several times in the past. On the first occasion, one of the items I ordered was out of stock. She emailed me beforehand and then mailed me the second item when it became in stock a few days later.

I'm sorry about your order. I would have been upset too if I wasn't notified until after I received the order. This isn't the first time I've read about something like this with this company though.
Thanks guys

I don't think I'll order again. I actually have a coupon for 20% off but when I went again yesterday to try to put things in my cart probably 50% of the things I wanted were out of stock. That's a weird way to run a business! I found only 3 things I wanted that were actually in stock (Ohm Sweet Pudding, Komaza CCP and DM Deep Treatment) so I may order those three if I'm feeling adventurous..but I really want them so I'd be disappointed to have this happen again.

Perhaps better to look elsewhere. Too bad! I love how they have so many products!
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Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

I only heard about Afrokinks three months ago and I've never ordered from them because most times they don't have the items in stock. I've tried at least 10 times and out of that only once did they have any items I wanted and they had 2 out of the 6 I wanted to purchase. I really don't know how they are in business. JMO
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