I had a dream

Last night or this morning in my dream I cut off all my hair to about finger-thickness length because it was supposedly so blow dryer, flat iron, sun & bleach damaged.
I dont think its particularly rare for a woman who takes care of her appearance to dream of losing her asset/s from time to time hun.

I dreamt once that I had a huge scar down the side of my face.... still remember the horrified reactions to it in my dream rather profoundly.

still... gives you motivation to not let that happen, eh? ;o)
UK Curly
Boots essentials range - Co-wash
Aussie Miracle Moist - Conditioner
Any non-cone Leavein I can find (its not easy)
Boots essentials - Gel

Always brush with a comb. and wrap in a microfibre towel to dry.
gives you motivation to not let that happen, eh? ;o)
Originally Posted by Fluffy4eva
That's the kicker though, I wear a hat when in the sun for more than 15 minutes, which is the time I start burning. I don't color my hair. I don't use a blow dryer. And I don't use any irons.

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