Any suggestions???????

Since the winter is coming I know I am going to need to get a rich creamy conditioner any suggestions?
AOHR or have you already tried it?
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Wash: Anita Grant babassu bar
Leave-in: Body Shop cotton seed curl boost with manuka honey mixed in
Gel: Umberto Giannini Curl Friends scrunching gel
Odds & ends Lime juice, honey, Anita Grant cafe latte
I brush with a Tangle Teezer & love Flexi-8's
Sally's GVP conditioning balm.
$5 off first order at iherb use code KEY066
What is AOHR? I dont think I have ever tried it.
Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose.

Its a good one. I haven't used it in a while. think i will go order some.

Has anyone tried any of the other AO products? Which ones? Did you like them?
Very Thick dry 3b BSL.
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Right now I am using GVP conditioning balm for cowash and RO,
my hair loves protein.
for styling my base is BRHG I can use it alone but prefer with Curl Keeper. I sulphate poo once a month or so as needed.
I've used the Honeysuckle Rose and the White Camellia but I can't decide which one is more moisturizing. So I just alternate between the 2. The WC smells horrible, but I'm leaning toward this one to be richer than the HR since I think it has more oils in it. HR is thicker and seems more rich just because of that characteristic. They both contain protein so if you are looking for protein free rich conditioners, these aren't the ones for you. I use them as long as they don't give me the straw hair feel afterwards. Once I start to notice this, I stop using both for a while.
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Bella Curl Products
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CO: protein free MRcondish
Styler: FSG + protein free LI Elixir, Gellie, Shine & Seal Serum
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Sally's GVP conditioning balm.
Originally Posted by curlykey

Love this stuff. Rich, creamy and moisturizing. So thick I can barely squeeze it out of the bottle! And much cheaper than the original Biolage Matrix Conditioning Balm--yet the same ingredients.

I also like the scent...light, not perfumey. Perfect for wintertime, or for hair that loves moisture (mine). And absolutely perfect for hair that loves moisture in the wintertime! My HG conditioner. Around $6-$7 at Sally's.

After co-washing, I get a big blob (probably about the size of a quarter and nickel combined). Then I comb it thoroughly through my already-detangled hair with a wide-toothed comb. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes while doing other stuff (cleansing my face, shaving, ect). Then I rinse with cold water but leave just a little still in my hair.

Makes my hair soft and manageable and it doesn't contain cones.

Haha I know this post was really long but I really cannot say enough good things about this product! Get it!
Curl Type: 2c-3a, Medium thickness, Normal Porosity
Weekly Low-poo: TJ Pure Castile Soap
Co-wash: V05 Strawberries and Cream
Conditioner: GVP Conditioning Balm (Possibly HG!), GF Triple Nutrition
Styling Products: CK, Re:coil, JCRR, JCCC, LALMHG, EcoStyler, SMU Spray Gel, Boots

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I also love the GVP conditioning balm from Sally's. It's wonderful! Very conditioning for me and not expensive at all.
$5 off first order at iherb use code KEY066

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