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Default CK in low dews?

Dew points are in the 30s now and I know glycerin is supposed to be bad in low dews, but can someone tell me what exactly happens? Does your head turn into a frizz ball when you step outside? Does it just dry your hair over time?

Also, has anyone had success with CK in low dews? (I'm wondering what I'm going to use for frizz control next month if I have to put the CK away!).
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Humectants (such as glycerin) draw moisture from wherever has a higher moisture content (your hair or the air). In low dew points, your hair typically has more moisture then what is in the air and thus the humectant draws the moisture from your hair into the air (instead of vice versa - air into hair). This causes your hair to become dry and of course dry hair also has a tendency to be frizzy.

I believe 35-50F is the ideal dew point for the use of humectants. Although it can vary in different areas, temperatures, with different hair types.

I hope that helped a bit
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I love CK in high dew points. Before I knew better I used it in low dew points and wondered why my hair looked & felt so dry. Now that I have Struttswife's fantastic ebook & check the dewpoints daily to know what products to use, I wouldn't dream of using CK in low dew points!
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Originally Posted by sarina32 View Post
I believe 35-50F is the ideal dew point for the use of humectants. Although it can vary in different areas, temperatures, with different hair types.

This...I can use CK in smaller amounts here in Michigan in the lower dewpoints, but not at all when I visit Colorado in the winter (well, CO anytime, lol).
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