Ponytail Haircut Method

Does anyone still cut their hair this way? I saw a tutorial online, but it was for pretty short hair. Mine is a little longer than mid back. I want to keep the length pretty much, but my ends are getting sort of ratty and I could use a few layers.

I tried it this morning, but was apprehensive about whacking too much hair off. Any tips for long hair? Thanks.
I am growing my hair long right now, but I used to use that method all the time. It works. But if you'd like more info, there's a book called "Cutting Hair For Dummies". There's a chapter called "Compact Cutting". It shows the proper way to do this, and shows the different angles you can hold the hair, to get different results, and a photo of what each method looks like when done.
I use the ponytail method all the time. It doesn't give you precise layers, but it's good enough for me -- I then put it down and trim individual curls to make them lie properly.

I'll have to look for that book.
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My hair's cut like this. It's great for wavy hair!

Here's the method (out of the book):

And here's an adapted way of doing it (different layers):
google "Fayes Hair Trimming" I've been using it 5 years and it's pretty foolproof. She gives directions for a V,U or straight hemlie. Sorry, not good at posting links, but http://ladylonghair.googlepages.com"has a link to it..

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Thanks so much! I tried this two days in a row, but I was conservative on cutting. My hair looks better, though and the ends aren't so scraggly.
I was in dire need of a "real cut" I did the upside down thing similar to what laupushka posted but cut WAY less. It helped to get me by until I could see my stylist, but by the 3rd week it was looking very Triangle like. If you have very thick hair and need lots of layering, your results are going to look choppy and your ends won't blend in nicely. Some things are better left to a Pro for sure.......
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Some of the compact cuts are for layering. There's one where, instead of putting your hair in a ponytail, you part your hair down the middle of the back, as if you're gonna make pigtails. Lean over, so your torso and face are parallel to the floor. Comb both sides from the part toward the floor. The hair must be damp, to get it totally straight. Combine the two sections and cut horizontally. (parallel to the floor) I got awesome layers with this method, and amazing volume. The directions in the book would be way better than mine, though.

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