EverPure Anyone? Need new products...

I haven't been around in AGES (having a baby will do that), but I have to find some new hair products (having a baby will do that...). The deva products just aren't doing it for me anymore and I would like to find something for less than $17 a bottle in any case.

I am really tempted by the Loreal Everpure products... Anyone have an experience with them (I searched but couldn't find much).

I still have fine hair, but it is more 3a than it used to be also much greaser. I have always needed to lowpoo occasionally, now I really have to do it every time. Thoughts?
PW: redcurl

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I have tried the everpure shampoo in smooth and volume formulas. I like them both better than some of the loo poos I have odered online.

I did try the new everstrong and its nothing like the everpure. Left my hair feeling stripped.
You can get samples of these at http:///www.lorealparisusa.com
down in the lower left corner where it says 'Special Offers & Savings'.
wavy, med texture, med thickness, porous, seems sensitive to protein
Lo-Poo: Giovanni 50/50 - rarely
Co Wash: VO5 Tea Therapy Calming Chamomile - LOVE it!
Rinse out: GFTN
Leave in: GFTN or VO5 TTCC
Styling: HEBE gel, HETMS mousse
Still searching for a HG and curl enhancer

I use the Everpure conditioner as a carrier for JC Aloeba, and sometimes Everpure by itself. I like the slip it gives my hair. I use Aloeba for a dose of hair-softening benhentrimonium methosulfate.
2B low porosity low elasticity fine texture
I'm not CG - tried it and failed for two years. My scalp hates it.

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