There is a difference between Aloe Vera Gel and Juice

At least for my hair! I accidentally bought the juice instead of the gel and thought oh well I will just used that instead, how different can it be. Huge difference to me.

The juice made my hair really crunchy to the point that it was so hard to crunch it out and my hair got very straw-like. I even started to wonder if I was becoming protein sensitive. Went back to the gel and it is so much better. Holds my hair but much more moisturizing. Takes away the frizz. A little crunch after it drys but still touchable and much easier to SOTC. The gel is that missing piece that makes my hair behave!

Just had to share. I always wondered and now I know.
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Can you clarify what you mean by aloe vera gel. For instance there is the aloe vera gel like FOTE. Then there is true aloe vera gel that you can drink. It's thicker than aloe juice but basically the same stuff as aloe juice.

Aloe juice makes my hair crunchy also and can dry it out. This may be because I happen to have porous hair. I could not use FOTE because it did dry my hair out which was a result of the aloe and the other ingredients which are little chemicals (preservatives, reaction or neutralizing agents). The ingredients that are moisturizing in FOTE are the aloe and vitamin e, though there is not a lot in it. Also, the carbomer 940 froms a smooth film on the hair making the hair feel softer.

Lately I've been able to use pure aloe juice though. This is because my hair is in better shape and I just only use a little of it and always mixed with other things. I just SOTC with oil or butter.
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It is the pure aloe vera gel that you can drink and needs to be refrigerated after it is opened. Not sure why it reacts so differently than the juice on my hair but it is like night and day.
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