Scalp Massage

I spent a good amount of time on YouTube watching scalp massage videos last night - I know, riviting stuff right?

I'm going to try to remember to do a good calp massage every night - seems like it would be beneficial - anyone have any good hair growth experiences with this?
My roots!! I think it's working!!
By golly I think it's working!!
I've heard a lot of women over at LHC swear by this, and they all have long gorgeous hair! Any particular videos you recommend? I try to give myself a good one in the shower while shampooing, but I need to start doing it at night too. Thanks!
I don't know if it works for growth but it sure is relaxing. How often and long did the videos say to do them in order to accelerate growth? I only do them when doing a pre-poo and wash which is only once a week.
I'm pretty sure they said a few times a week - maybe 3 - for 10 minutes. Mainly to get the blood circulating to the scalp.

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