Attempting to Grow My Hair Out Again

I'm a 17-year old hispanic girl when type 3A hair and I'm attempting to grow my hair out again. The unfortunate part is that I'm addicted to dying my hair unnatural colors. I've bleached it twice, dyed it numerous times, and not to mention flat ironed it for over 3 years. I've basically destroyed my curls all together and it doesn't grow as fast as it to. The back is all poofy and the front is wavy. I miss my curls and length terribly. I recently dyed it back to my natural color and promised myself I wouldn't dye or straighten it anymore. I was also forced to do the Big Chop. Are there any organic/natural remedies I can do to get my curls and fast growing hair back?
Spray color and kool aid aren't damaging to your hair and are temporary. They may help you itch the color bug without damaging your hair as you're trying to restore it.

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my hair loves the garnier shampoo and conditioner the triple nutrition one. you should try it

i have type 3c/b hair
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I would recommend taking biotin and doing EVOO treatments. I've been doing both of these and I've noticed my hair looks so much healthier and has definitely been growing faster

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