Growing out a Pixie Cut...this is going to take forever!!!

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curleeangel, I've been to New Orleans twice and loved it but holy cow, thats some humidity down there. So what was your go-to product during those humid days? I'm really nervous about sumer around here. I know that if I get frustrated with my hair and cut it, will be because of the humidity. Good luck to you too!
The humidity in addition to VERY thick hair is why I cut it so short and kept it so short. I used heavy pastes in soaking wet hair, scrunched it up a bit and slept on it. The paste gave it just enough texture and sleeping on it straightened it out a bit. It worked but got boring after so long. I'm at the phase that I hate the most right now.

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Hey ladies, I am growing out my hair as well. I am starting with approx 3 inches in the very front and 5-6 inches all over. Fingers crossed that I maintain length this year since last year was a mess.
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Finding me on this hair journey. With the love and support of my husband who has no clue what this new hair is going to look like. I am Blessed
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Navy girl, good luck! Keep us posted on your journey
OK, I haven't cut my hair at all since October and its actually starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere now. The summer has actually not been too bad even though its already humid out. I was so afraid of what my hair would do when it started to grow out but its actually getting easier to care for... thanks to Culrtalk and no shampoo or harsh chemicals!!! Its kind of like my curls aren't so frizzy because they have something to curl to now that its longer. I'm really enjoying a new look too. I had short hair for thirteen years so the change is nice. Anyways, I'll update again soon.
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That is really beautiful! Love the haircut!

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great progress jencat! I'm trying to grow my hair out too. I've been trying for years... lol. I have goals of at least BSL, but I would love to get even longer! I have issues with breakage at my nape, and I usually get fed up with the uneven growth and chop it all back to chin length! I'm swearing to myself I won't get scissor happy this time, no matter what happens.

I'm trying some ayervedic herbs and some oils this time around to try to stimulate growth. Hopefully I have better luck this time, and good luck to everyone else trying to grow!
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I'm trying to get from the first picture (taken a few months ago, but the back is still the same length, just trying to get the top layers evened up)

to the second picture (what my hair looked like before the postpartum choppy-chop).

And even though my hubby is dying for my hair to get long again, he just isn't interested in hearing about my hair obsession. This will be the first time in 25 years that I've had long hair that wasn't damaged by curling/straightening irons. I blow dry here and there, but my hair is healthier than I ever remember....almost no frizz, which I didn't think was possible. Woot! Now to wait....
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Growing out a Pixie Cut...this is going to take forever!!!-my-short-hair.jpg   Growing out a Pixie Cut...this is going to take forever!!!-my-hair.jpg  

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