Biotin and headaches

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For those of you who have tried Biotin and then had to wind up "abandoning ship" (so to speak) from horrid and painful, migraine-like headaches, how soon after you started taking Biotin did you feel the massive discomfort of the headache? Was it right away or were you on it for a few days, weeks, months before the headache hit in all its splendor?

I've been taking a hair vitamin supplement with Biotin in it for 9 days today. I got what I thought was the beginnings of a sinus headache last night and I took my sinus medicine hoping it would be gone by morning. NOT! Today it's been off and on all day. It has lessened in intensity but I still feel this dull ache on my right temple that will not completely go away. I've been continuing to take my sinus medicine and it doesn't seem to be working. It then occurred to me that maybe the Biotin in the supplements I'm taking could be causing the headache? My sinus medicine has usually kicked in by now to knock the headache out. Now it's going on 24 hours since this headache started and it's annoying as well as painful.

Anyhoo, anyone who has experience with this, please jump in. Thanks!
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I'd leave it alone ASAP. What you're experiencing is the body's way of saying;"I don't like this stuff." I never taken the stuff but I've had family members who did and they complained about all sorts of crazy side effects while on it.

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Try not taking them so often maybe skip a couple of days and drink lots of water.
Drink lots of water and take a b-complex with it. If it doesn't work, maybe you should take a break or stop. How much are you taking?
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You should stop. Your body doesnt like it, like someone else said. Try MSM or Fish Oil.

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I took biotin three times and each time, I got excruciating migraines immediately after. I stopped. It is advisable to drink a lot of water beforehand to prevent this... But for me, it did nothing lol
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Most people don't realize that every biotin pill is not the same.

The smaller the pill the best. The larger biotin pills are filled with unnecessary "proprietary" formula that causes skin to itch etc.

I have a 7500 mcg pill that is very tiny and I also have a brand that's a huge horse pill and only 5000 mcg.

I take the very tiny 7500 one I assume the majority of the pill is made up actual biotin.
It turned out that it WAS a sinus headache; the pain had nothing to do with the biotin. Every now and then I get a really bad sinus headache that drags on and on and would probably rival anybody's migraine headache in pain intensity. That's the way it's always been for me and probably always will be...
Anyhoo, my sinus meds finally kicked in and it's been smooth sailing since.
; )
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I just bought some biotin chews yesterday and I've only ate two. I have been getting headaches ever since.
You don't need to take massive amounts of biotin to see results. I personally take 500mg and I've definitely seen an increase in hair thickness/growth despite significant hair loss due to a thyroid condition.

Now that my thyroid levels are normal, I've noticed an increase in density, but I also started massagging my scalp.

I also get migraine headaches and have not noticed a difference between when I'm taking biotin and when I'm not.
I started getting these terrible headaches which made me dizzy. I then realized that they didn't start until I started using biotin. I was taking 10,000 mg. I'm stopping today and see if the headaches stop.
i take a muilt kids a day and it doesn't have a ton of biotin in it. all my body needs

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