I've heard lots of people say that prenatal vitamins help your hair grow SO much faster, does anyone have experience with this?
I found this to be true. I think it is supposed to be allvthe B vitamins. To be fair prenatal is really a misnomer. All women of childbearing years whether planning to conceive or not should take them. Ir so said my midwives and doctors. Lol. You could always try getting preggers too. Jk. Pregnancy messes with the growth cycle so all your hair, or most of it, gets stuck in the growth phase. Sadly you lose a bunch after baby arrives. But not anymore than you would've over the previous 10 months. I had a halo of baby hairs for a while. Not so pretty. Ok sorry for the ramble.

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I found this to be true as well, since having my 3 kids and always taking those vitamins my hair has grown from just at my shoulders straightened to my bra strap curly, in the last 3 years. (My hair grows verrry slow usually) so I would say yes, that's true, at least for me anyway.
I don't know if it works, but consider that it is known that your hair grows at a much higher rate when you are pregnant (and very often a lot of hair falls out after you gave birth). Maybe that's why people think that your hair grows faster because of the prenatal vitamins.
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The recommended daily dose of each vitamin is higher in prenatal vitamins than in multivitamins. So if you deficient or have a requirement for a higher dose of a particular vitamin than a prenatal vitamin will work better.
I'm still considering getting it, but for now I'm going to try out Biotin Gold...

I'm gonna take before and after pics and post the progress with my review...
I went and had blood work done so I could check my iron levels as I know my mom has to take vitamins to help with her iron deficiency. Turns out even though I was taking a one-a-day women's multivitamin and eating a lot of foods with iron, mine was still low. The doctor prescribed me prenatal vitamins and I have been taking one of them daily for a little over a month. I measured my hair on 5/4 and then again this morning and if I measured correctly, my hair has already grown 1" and it hasn't even been a month. I used to straighten my hair all the time so I thought my hair took forever to grow (turns out it was just from the breakage and I wasn't retaining length). So I can't tell you for sure if the growth is just because when I treat my hair right it actually grows pretty quickly or because of the vitamins but I'd still recommend trying it Can't hurt as long as your doctor approves it.
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