Puffy hair growth

Hi! This is my first post! I hope somebody can help me. Well, I wonder if any of you have experienced this situation. I started to transition at the end of 2011 so by now, the remaining relaxed hair has been cut months ago. I'm a new mother of a beautiful 8-months baby girl and while I was pregnant, I noticed my roots start to grow very puffy. I looked for info and found that this is an issue many curlies face so I ignored it . But, the thing is that these puffy roots have been growing out with the rest of my hair so now I have a normal curly roots, this very puffy section that is almost 4 inches long, and curly ends. I'm planning to cut this puffy area 'cause it make my hair look unhealthy but I think this is very weird. I would like to know the cause. I'm blaming hormones but also think about follicle damage, don't know. My mom relaxed my hair since I was in kindergarten! There are many years of abuse for my hair! And it can't be heat damage 'cause I quit from heat entirely. Your opinion will be very appreciated.
It could be that you have multiple curl patterns, some curlier than the others. A lot of curlies have some patches that don't match what the rest of their hair looks like.
You mentioned you don't use heat,
Is there a possibility that it could be color damage?
But as stated before it might not be damaged at all, it could just be a different pattern.
Best of wishes (:

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