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Default How can I embrace short curly hair? I'm embarassed of my hair length

Hi! I'm new to this forum I've been looking at this forum and site for 5 years now

Ok so my issue is. 5 years ago, I started my first BC and grew my hair very thick and long with braids. Unfortunately when I meant to take a 1 month break, that turned into constant flat ironing and eventually a relaxer up to August 2012. January 2013, I cut off my damaged and brittle hair keeping it braided under wigs or clip in extensions and it's worked because 1 year later my hair has reached 6 inches where it was braided. However the nape could be better. I'd say my hair is a mix of 3C and 4A when wet. I experience major shrinkage. It goes from 6 inches to like a curly pixie cut.

Long story short. I thought I should try a weave a few weeks ago (which i absolutely hate and remember why now!) over the course of 6 months to see if my hair would grow another 3 inches, then I'd sport it off natural. But I hate wearing extensions like this!

I really just wanna wear my hair natural cause I'm sick of fake hair. But I hate short hair on me, I feel like I personally can't pull it off with my profile. When my hair is flat ironed, you can see the growth. But when it's curly, it looks so short. And I don't wanna look boyish either. I've never worn my natural hair out without extensions because I'm honestly scared I'm going to break off my hair or ruin my progress.

Any suggestions on how to have confidence with short hair and to maintain my growth? I am thinking of trying braids for a few months to assist in the 2-3" growth but I don't plan to actually go for this hair cut until April or May 2014 at the earliest. Even though it's at least a few months away, the issue has really been bothering me today. I guess cause I got tired of dealing with this weave lol. While I do want to do braids, I am currently in an interracial relationship, and I don't want to deal with the ignorant questions from him family of 5, especially the younger siblings.

Sorry if this post seems like a rambling rant or something lol
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pics of hair. i didn't really bother to style it when i take pics (i actually take pics of it to document my growth each month) because i never wear it without exgtensions and i don't know how to style my short curly hair. it's also uneven. like in some parts (liek leaveout, it may be like 2-3") and the back is shorter as well as you can see in the last two pics.
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back of hair, taken 1/23.
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How can I embrace short curly hair? I'm embarassed of my hair length-jan-24-1.jpg   How can I embrace short curly hair? I'm embarassed of my hair length-jan-24-2.jpg  
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Girl your hair is gorgeous! My advice would be to stop focusing on tracking your growth. If you focus on properly caring for your hair it's going to grow so don't worry about that.

I was worried about having short hair when I first bc but what helped me was knowing that my hair would never be that short again since I didn't plan on doing anymore drastic cuts so I enjoyed my short hair while I had it and I really loved it. Now that my hair is longer I sometimes miss my twa. But just remember it's only temporary; it'll grow just enjoy the variety of having short hair while you can.
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Short hair is and can be just as gorgeous and sexy as long hair!!! Rock what you got and just focus on healthy hair!!!!
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I agree with everything above. I had very short hair for years and while I chopped it off because I wanted short hair there were times where I felt the same things you're feeling, that it looked boyish or something. For those days I'd playup the feminine. Wear a cute dress, your favorite lipstick, put some cute hair clips or a headband in your hair, whatever. Remind yourself that you're gorgeous and you have fabulous hair because you are and you do.

Also I wouldn't worry about breakage if the hair you're growing out is healthy. Hair is pretty tough.
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Accessories: pretty flowers and clips and hairbands. Most boys don't wear those.
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I concur with Firefox. Also wear cute earrings. I always wore large hoops with interesting textures. Trust me, you will not look like a boy.

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While other posters have mentioned styling options another way to be more confident is to learn how to answer the questions his younger siblings ask and not view them as ignorant but interest.

Your hair is different from theirs and they are just curious.

If you had a child with your partner the fact some of his relations would know why they shouldn't jack up their hair means you would have more people to leave that child with.

There are a lot of Black people who know nothing about natural Black hair while there are White people who know a lot more. In fact there are regular White posters on this board who have type 2 hair who would have a better clue of how to deal with type 3 and 4 hair than many relaxed Black women.

I've had two White stylists in my life and one of them had straight hair. The straight haired one worked in a salon where 98% of the clients were Black or mixed race.

One of my brothers' goes to a barber shop were the guys running it have type 1 hair. 100% of their clients are Black or mixed race. They admit they now cannot cut straight hair.

Young people can understand why you use wigs, weaves and braids but once they understand that relaxers cause burns they don't understand why Black women use them.
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Maybe get a shaping haircut. That way its cut into a "style" and work on taking care of it from there.

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There is sure no reason to be embarrassed of your hair! Beautiful curls! I agree maybe you should stop focusing on the length because, well, hair grows. But like a watched pot you'll get impatient if you watch it like a hawk. I bet there is more you can do with it than you know thinking of what you can do with it long. Play with it! Go to pinterest and type in "short natural hair" and then get creative.

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