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Default Growing out shoulder lenght

Hey everyone my name is Naya and I've been growing my hair out for a total of 22 months just about. I transitioned for a year may2012 to may2013 I big chopped on the 20th of may 2013. And I have been natural for almost 10 months. My hair is a 4a-ish texture and I really want it to grow I feel like I do everything right but I just have slow growth. After I transitioned for a year I had 4 to 5 inches of growth which is below average. Now my hair when strecthed is a little past collar bone in the back and to my chin in the front. If I moisturize using the LOC method trim every few months protective style religiously why am I not gaining my maximum lenght potential ? I would like my hair to be shoulder lenght in its curly texture.
Please give your suggestions thanks !!
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I'd say its the awkward length stage where it's hard to grow since the ends break from rubbing against clothes.

Try doing protective styles like twists and braids

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Why are you trimming your so much hair?

By trimming your hair you are cutting of length.

If your hair is well hydrated the ends should be fine so there is no need to trim regularly.

As already stated keep your hair of your clothes and make sure you are protecting it a night by wear a silk/satin scarf/bonnet.

Finally how are you detangling your hair?

If you are combing/brushing from roots to end then it will break off whether it's wet or dry. Only comb your hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb when it's loaded with rinse out conditioner and comb from your ends to your roots.
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I never wear my hair out I keep it in protective styles like I've been wearing a wig for about 3 months I keep my hair braided and only take it out to wash it, I moisturize my hair while it's in the braids. I only trimmed twice but when I say every few months I mean like the first time I timmed was in the summer and I just did a trim 2 weeks ago because my ends felt like straw and wouldn't curl. I sleep with a bonnet every night I even have a silk pillow case. For the most part I finger detangle.
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Then if you aren't over manipulating it and you are keeping it conditioned then the likely issue is your diet.

Lots of women don't get enough iron and are deficient in other vitamins and minerals but don't know so.

Also most doctors don't recognise these nutritional deficiencies until either you have end being up being extremely deficient or you have a medical disorder that is linked to a common deficiency or you are pregnant.

So I suggest you look at your diet.

The best way is to keep a food diary and write down as you eat what you eat for 3 days including one week day and a weekend day.

Then try and eat to this standard - Healthy Eating Plate & Healthy Eating Pyramid | The Nutrition Source | Harvard School of Public Health

Notice on the plate half your daily intake should be from vegetables and fruit, a quarter from whole grains and a quarter from protein.

Also while I don't know where you are in the world but ensure you also get enough Vitamin D. To get an adequate amount, if that picture is off you, then you will need to spend around 2 hours in the sun every day of the year otherwise take a vitamin D3 supplement and eat oil fish.
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