My hair has more or less been stuck at mid-back length for about 2 years now! I doubt the problem is terminal hair length because my hair has been longer in the past, and my hair is layered and even the parts that are shorter have not grown. I try to trim it myself (could that be the problem?) as there are not too many hairdressers in my area that cut curly hair, and the ones that do have not done very good jobs. I use coconut oil and deep conditioner, and I tried hair growth supplements for about 2 months but stopped before I saw any results because they made me break out. I take good car of my hair, keep it moisturized, don't brush with a hairbrush, use a cotton t-shirt to dry my hair, no heat, no dye, and it still hasn't grown! It's driving me crazy!

Any ideas on what could be the problem? And any ways I could get my hair to grow?