grow my hair back

Hi, a month ago i cut my hair and now i regret it so much. My hair is naturally dark brown and i have never dyed it in my life. This summer i had henna in my hair and my hair turned out so beautiful. It was a dark red color and it was curly and long. But i have a problem i am always insecure about my hair and i cant leave my hair alone. I chopped it off and thought it would be easier to handle and it would look better. I am never happy with my hair,so i cut it. And i hate myself for that. i want it to grow do you have any tips? thank you!!!!
I just came across the inversion growth method which if it works may be the quickest solution ever.

Claims to grow hair an inch a week.

You bend over so your head is upside down and massage warm oil into your scalp for 4 minutes every day.

I'm putting it to the test.

Anyone else had success with this or is it all a load of yap?

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