2015 True Waist Length Challenge

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So I've been looking around for a current challenge and still haven't found one... So, I'm making my own.

I have always had long hair (about MBL when stretched) and I've always wanted WL or HL hair (not stretched)
My ultimate goal is Classic length, but I'm trying to take it one step at a time.

A bit of hair history; my hair is low porosity, high density, thick and medium strands, 3b/3c (my frizz and new growth is 3a) and I am MBL. I've been a natural for almost a year starting August.
My hair if cared for properly will grow very fast (1 1/2 a month at prime) but I get a lot of breakage.
Around the start of this year I almost reached WL but All the length broke off and then i did a mini chop to APL or BSL. It grew back to MBL but now I want WL back, and then some.

Basically, I'm going to post a picture and write an update on the health and growth of my hair each month until January 2016. You can do whatever you were doing before with your hair, nothing special.

The challenge officially starts June 1st.

So who wants to join me?
If no one is interested in this challenge I will probably delete this post.

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3b-ish... normal to low porosity....med. texture
Wash: Desert Essence Coconut shampoo, Acure argon shampoo
Deep Trestment: Nature's Nectars deep conditioner/styler
Condition: Nature's Nectars luv-n-a-bottle, Nature's Gate pomegranate sunflower
LEAVE-IN:Nature's Nectars luv-n-a-bottle, Natures Gate pomegranate sunflower
STYLE: Nature's Nectars Sweet Shea butter blend, Ecostyler gel
hemp oil, jojoba oil

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While I'm highly skeptical I'll get to that length in 2015, I am currently growing out, so I'd like to join.
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Hair Type: 3c/4a, Coarse, Med-High Density, Med-Low Porosity
CG since '09
Ok great!
I'll be posting a picture or write an update on the health and growth of my hair every month until January 2016.
Ok great!
I'll be posting a picture or write an update on the health and growth of my hair every month until January 2016.
I'm in! My ultimate goal is waistlength and right now I'm close to BSL unstreched so I dont know if I'll be exactly waist length by the end of the year but I can try! My hair grows fast. My hair is 2c/3a with 3b underneath. I also have bleach and heat damage but I haven't touched either in a year so I'm in recovery
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Ok, I know I'm a week latter than I said, but I just got two new puppies last week and they have been my keeping me up all week.
Anyway, today I clarified my hair, did a protein treatment, and I'm protective styling for a week and a half to two weeks depending on how greasy my will get.
My hair felt much better after the protein treatment and was much stronger. It was also soft and manageable.

On another note, sunkissalba in doing a hair growth challenge too. So if you don't know who she is here is the link to the video:
I'm going to join so I thought you guys might like to as well. 😊 I am still going to do this one but I thought about sort of doing a colab of sorts; how we feel the oil treatments are working for us etc, etc...
We don't have to but it was a thought.

See you all next month! 😀

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I'm in also!...
But I have a long way to go... My hair is at my jawline! But I'm still here and working hard on getting my locks back! Last summer I had to get my hair cut down to an inch from my scalp due to going from red to blond... oh.. the horror My hair was at mid back! Well.. back to the drawing board I guess. So yeah! Anxious for your updates!
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From bob to Boho. My 30 inch hair growth challenge.
Hello everyone!
Sorry for the late update, I had some technical problems.
Any who, a lot has changed in my regimen. I am trying to find just right method of washing and styling.

So lately I've been 'shampooing' my hair with ACV twice a month and co washing the rest of the time. And I'm washing twice a week. If you guys follow Naptural85, you may have seen her 25 min co wash video. (Click the link if you haven't: https://youtu.be/uS3-x_2IGHs) this is what I do when I wash with some variations like masks or trims etc.

For styling I keep it simple: I squeeze out the water and hop out the shower. Then I quickly apply small amount of SM yucca and plantain hair milk and rake in some AVG. Then I braid or twist my hair and let it air dry.

I have been doing the #AlbasLongHairChallange and I can honestly say that my hair has grown an inch since I started. (Which has only been about two weeks ago) I just recently added Peppermint to my regimen and when I first started to use it I used too much. But it felt sooo good to my scalp! It was a nice cooling sensation. I do believe that the peppermint was what helped my hair grow.

Sorry I have no picture this month but I will definitely have one next time.

On a side note, I am thinking about making a blog. it would be about hair and beauty exercise and health. Would you guys be interested in it?

You all can post about how your hair journey is going anytime you want. Don't be shy!

God bless! 😘

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Awesome! Ive been wanting to start a challenge for years now.
Heres a little about my hair:
I BCd back in sept of 2012, its now currently around MBL or BSL stretched, CBL curly. Low porosity. Havent used heat since january of this year, i got a brazilian blowout in december. Currently im doing the water wash only method, rinsing my hair daily with my showers, and ive been seeing some great growth results, but it makes my hair so dry. so i wont be able to do this without oils. i just started re incorporating EVOO, JBCO, coconut oil and peppermint oil in my reg. i just spray my hair with distilled water and rub the oil concoction on my scalp. makes my hair super moisturized for days without reapplying, but i do it every day or every other day. Also this summer ive been growing like 1 1/2 - 2 inches a month, crazy. But i think its cuz i work landscaping so im out in the sun all day soaking up the vitamins.
Anyhoosles, i feel i can get to waist length before the years up. just need to fine tune my regimen to help with my breakage. hopefully you guys can offer some good insight
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4a/3c mix.

BC: 09/28/12
growing everyday.

one step at a time..

Welcome bosslaydee! 😀 hope you enjoy!

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I'd like to join too! There is another growth challenge for 2015 but you can never have too many ! LOL I have 3a maybe 3b in some sections. I don't dye anymore but I did bleach it in sections for the summer. I will resume henna after my vacation in 4 weeks. My hair is the healthiest its been ever despite the bleach and my curls are coming back more than I expected which is why I think some parts maybe 3b. My goal is waist length. I've never had it that long ever! My longest is 11.5 inches and the shortest is 8.5 as of 6/22/15.. this is a recent picture! I'd love to see some pics of your curls ladies!
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2015 True Waist Length Challenge-20150707_145623.jpg   2015 True Waist Length Challenge-20150707_145741.jpg  
Hello everyone!
Yesterday I was officially a CG for 1year! And on top of that I proudly announce that I have reached WL! Yippee!
I wasn't able to take a picture of the length just yet; today was a messy wash day. But I will by this weekend. (I going on vacation so no promises)
I've finally found a good regimen for myself that I've enjoy doing. So without further a do, here's my current hair regimen!

I will apply coconut oil and OGX sea mineral conditioner to my dry hair and let it sit for a minimum of 5 mins.
This is either done the night before wash day or an hour before I wash it.
I don't use shampoo, I use ACV or conditioner. The first and third week I use ACV and the second and forth week I use conditioner. I massage my scalp with my fingers and a massage brush.
if I don't already have conditioner in my hair I'll apply some now and grab my 'jumbo rake comb' and detangle my hair in forth's or half's depending on how tangled it is. After I'm done I rinse 60 to 75% of the conditioner out, squeeze the excess water out and bun it up.
Now oddly enough, I'm transitioning so I can't do a wash n go. (Not all my hair is damaged, that's why I still made it to WL) So what I do is I do Naptual85' 2014 twist out routine on wet, not stretched hair just applying DIY flaxseed gel to the length of hair and sealing the ends with castor oil.
I wear the twists under a Beanie for two or three days as a protective style before I undo the twists.

Every Wednesday I co wash my hair repeating all the steps above. If I'm doing a strengthening mask it will replace the prep/pre poo step above and I do that the weeks I do the ACV rinse.

These pictures were taken a week ago and my hair wasn't as long then. I just not a picture person.

2015 True Waist Length Challenge-uploadfromtaptalk1438553023051.jpg
2015 True Waist Length Challenge-uploadfromtaptalk1438553149428.jpg
And here is the comb I mentioned2015 True Waist Length Challenge-uploadfromtaptalk1438553222137.jpg

God Bless!

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I know I am late but, I would like to join you ladies. I've had many ups and downs with my natural hair but I've never had the guts to cut it off like i"ve wanted to. As a result, here I am almost 8 years natural with MBL-WL hair. Sometimes its WL dry and unstretched, sometimes it shrinks to MBL. I'm currently pregnant so between hormones and prenatal vitamins its grown a lot lately. I currently don't have a set regimen. I usually wash with As I am shampoo and use GVP conditioning balm to detangle (with a penman) and use kinky curly knot today and kinky curly curling custard. I will try to post a recent pic.
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WL (25") straightened
APL curly

Teri Laflesh's book "Curly Like Me" sits on my desk and everytime I get frustrated and an impulse tells me to shave my head, I look at it in hopes that one day my hair will graze the top of my butt.

I've been trying to grow my hair longer since the middle of May, so I definitely wanna join in! I hope I'm to WL (dry and unstretched) by December. That's my goal anyway.

I'm not following the CG method because I have a ton of products I'd like to use up first, but I hope to be CG before the end of the year.

In the mean time, I'm taking extra care with my hair in the hopes to stimulate more growth each month.
3b with 2c/3a bits thrown in for fun; 2a underneath and around temple
Medium density, Normal porosity, The Humid South
Present color (full highlights) damage
Lifelong product junkie | HG: Ion Thickening Styler
SL APL BSL MBL WL HL| Hoping to reach MBL by 12/15
Curl crush: Keri Russell, circa Felicity days

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