Any 3C's growing they're hair to waist length??

Hey ladies!

So I have 3c low porosity fine hair and I'm trying to grow my hair out to waist length. I just wanted to know if there were any other curlies who are trying to do the same?

What's your routine? How long is your hair now? What products are you using?
Type: 3C/3B
Porosity: Low
Width: Fine
Length: BSL (maybe)

Nothing but Love for the No poo method, low maintenance routine, and the Ayurvedic method!

I'm 3A/3B, and my hair is high porosity, so I don't quite fit the bill, but I am growing my hair to waist length, and would love to hear about other peoples journey's. I big chopped in January after transitioning for two years after suffering from color damage that left my hair bone straight. I am currently APL when my hair is stretched, so I have a long way to go.

Iv'e been doing the inversion method every month for the past two months, and plan to continue. And I don't use heat on my hair, when I diffuse, my finger doesn't leave the cool button. I also try to wear my hair up in a bun for at least half the week.

What has everyone else been doing to increase their hair growth?
3A/3B - Fine - Medium Density
Porosity ~ Medium/High
LOC: KCKT-Almond Oil-Devacurl Styling Cream
Hair length - APL
Short term goal: BSL
Long term goal:Waist Length
Im no 3C either but I'm going for the waist =) I'm abt mid way. Other than the HSN gummies (by vita fusion) and CGM, nothing special. The attached photo is the length I started at =)
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