Dumbest comment regarding your hair?

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Friend's roommate: "You NEVER brush it? That's really disgusting."

I wanted to reply with "Yeah, and so is your personality." Maybe next time
Originally Posted by Edie
Someone else once told me this too and it actually pissed me off so much I showed that person the difference when actually brushing curly hair and not brushing curly hair. Then she said "Oh now I understand, I wasn't thinking."

About the big discussion of "good hair" and "bad hair". When I stopped relaxing my hair, a lot of people told me "Why did you ever relaxed your hair in the first place, you have really good hair!" And I got that comment in all sorts of ways. I usually don't overthink it, but I do tend to listen to the intonation when someone says it. Because yes it can be a compliment, but it can also be very offensive. I have heard in so many different ways, but both in two ways. It either sounded like a compliment or it was very offensive.

"You didn't have to relax your hair, you have good hair anyways, a lot of people don't" (I'm sorry but what does that mean? Some people don't? Then what kind of hair do they have?)

Besides that, I've heard this from many different kind of people, (white, black, yellow, purple, whatever kind of color) and I think it just depends on the way someone says it.

Anyways, that being said, I never also really thought of racism because of those comments. It just shows how ignorant some people can be.

As long as you like your hair
Originally Posted by Krullenbol
I think it is best to never say anything about anyone's hair because, from reading this you never know how they will take any comment at all. Just look the other way, don't comment and move on.
I have been reading the comments on good hair. My opinion is sometimes words and phrases have meanings based on the culture. I want to add in Spanish speaking countries, blacks use "pelo bueno and pelo malo." If you are not part of the culture then you might not understand how the terms are perceived and intended. The difference in saying someone has "pretty" hair and someone has "good" hair is that pretty is that it looks good by being styled nicely whereas "good" hair is genetic as in you were born with hair that many black people associate with white people and look at as more desireable. If I have naturally kinky hair with this thinking I could make it pretty by putting a relaxer or a pressing comb but I could never have good hair because God didn't make me that way. Therefore, it has created a situation where some POC are considered superior because they don't need relaxers to look more European. As children the girls with good hair are complimented and told how pretty they are while the bad hair girls are made to feel less than and that their hair is problematic. Actually most black people I know would love to have "good hair". You are treated like the chosen one golden child messiah. Some good hairs will even rub it in your face that you have a kinky texture and they were lucky to sport looser hair. "Good Hair" has caused a lot of bad feelings of jealousy and animosity among POC. Have you seen how some won't be seen without a weave? They wear them all the time year round so they can have "good hair". To this day most grown black women will tell me they like my hair but can't go natural because their hair is too nappy because it was engrained in them as children that kinky hair is bad hair and must be straightened to be presentable.
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I've been told I'm "so pretty" with straight hair. I want to ask, so I'm ugly with curly hair? Sheesh. Makes me motivated to grow my hair out super long again, wear it super duper 1980's curly like an arsenal of botticelli bombs. LOL
I'd never heard the term "good hair" before joining this website.
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Not a mean comment but I remember when I did my first overnight plop back in February(one of my better hair days tbh) I was in the lounge at my college and my friend met up with me and the first thing she said was, "your hair is really curly" and didn't say anything else concerning my hair. Like, okay? Thank you? I never know how to respond to comments like that - stating the obvious. "Your hair is curly," "your hair is long." Is that a compliment? What do I say back? I don't get it.
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I've gotten "You look prettier with straight hair". I was like, "Ouch." I wish I had thought of a good comeback.
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Comments that have been said to me this year:

-"When are you getting your hair done? Its looking rough"

-"Bush girl" - HATE THIS ONE

-"Is it hard to comb?" When detangles, no.

-Situation of a birthday party - "You think you're going out with me like that!? [You] Better buy a wig to wear or else.."

-"It's just hair" - HATE THIS ONE!!

-"Young, young girls these days wear their hair relaxed or styled [braids, weaves]. This natural hair you're carrying is not the latest" - lol. LOL.

-"All this money and its still not long"

And after all this I still love you Maisie (my hair's name lol)
"Did you get a perm?!".- A lot of people that actually know my hair curly from before.
"When you use shampoo your hair looks more natural" - My mom. How is it going to be more natural than my natural hair, mom? I don't get it
"Your hair looks great for being of someone who doesn't wash it at all" - My boyfriend, everyday, sceptic about cg.
Also, I seriously stopped answering with the truth when someone ask me about my hair rutine. People HAVE to question everything. This ones are from my mother-in-law:
" If you don't use shampoo everyday.....
a) your hair is going to fall
b) you're going to have dandruff
c) your scalp will become soooo greasy
d) your hair will not shine anymore"
So now, I lie. I told most people that I do a regular hair rutine, with shampoo, conditioner and some cream for the hair and that's all. I don't feel like explaining everything to everyone if I know they will discuss for ever about it.
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"You can get a comb through that?" 😦
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The questions I get most of the time from people are...

"Are those your actual curls? Like, do you curl them all individually?"

"Can you straighten your hair? It would look so pretty straightened!"

"Is it expensive to take care of your hair?"

"Is your hair dirty since you don't wash it everyday?"

"Why can't you just go to a regular hair salon to get your hair trimmed?"

"Can I touch your hair...?"

"You seriously put food in your hair as a deep conditioner?!"

It's pretty entertaining to me.
My roommate tells me my hair is poufy
No it's called volume dude,nothing worse than flat roots!
My hair recently converted from straight to curly over the summer, so when I came back to school, my friends were saying things like: "Did you forget to brush your hair?" "I liked your straight hair much better." "Didn't you know perms are bad for your hair?"

I had a conversation with one of my guy friends that boosted me up though:

Him: "Your hair is beautiful, whether it be curly or straight. You look great either way!"

Me: 😊
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I got "you need to stop feeding your hair because you look like a chia pet."

I have massively thick hair btw. I said I'm channeling my inner Diana Ross and I started singing "reach out and touch somebody's hand" and grabbed the person by the hand. lol
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