truth about indian women with curly hair.

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Oh I bet it's easier to do that in NYC, but in the Midwest (where I am from, hence my username), people are expected to be more homogeneous. It sucks because I'd rather just be myself but there are times where I'm willing to make a compromise.
I haven't read this whole thread yet, but I'm also Indian and I live in California. I am still trying to figure out which products to use in my hair and how to get my hair frizz-free and feeling good. I have type 3B curls....I'm going to Mumbai this summer (during monsoon also) and

I want to find a way to make my curls look decent during monsoon season...but im worried that this will be impossible lol. I also dont know where to buy curly hair products in mumbai....does anyone have ideas?
Another curly haired woman of South Indian origin. Most of my family are curly haired and sadly straighten their hair. I'm glad to read so many other women's hair tips and experiences. I normally resort to advice for mixed race hair and have been on the hunt for advice for curly Indian hair. I hope some of the products mentioned are available in Europe. I've just joined and I think I'm a 3A, not quite sure.

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Ah I know how you feel, Korean with naturally curly hair and it doesn't look like one of those professional silky soft styled one's either. My dad was the one who got me to originally get it chemically straightened at some Korean salon in Atlanta.
I know if this thead is probably dead, but I only just discovered it. 3a with fine hair here who lives in Bangalore and I've been finding it hard to get products that work for me, still searching for something I can stick to. I was underwhelmed by the TBS Rainforest range, don't feel like it did much for me, also they're way over-priced. If anyone has suggestions for silicone free conditioners especially that I can get here and aren't too pricey I would love to hear them. Thanks
Oh how I remember as a child that feeling of my mom combing out the tangles in my super, duper curly/kinky/nappy hair, before oiling and braiding it. It hurt her arms, it hurt my head, it just hurt. so much. The reason I'm "sorta" type 3C is that the individual strands of my hair don't stay together. I never wore it loose until I reached junior high, and shortly after that I discovered the curling iron-- which I still use to this day to straighten my hair. I don't wear my naturally curly hair outside the house, ever. I hope one day I can feel confident and comfortable enough to do that.

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