Curly Hair Doesn't look good

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This article is just all types of irritating!
"Long curly hair — and I mean really curly hair that starts from the roots down to the tips — can only look good on a select few women. Let’s face it, it’s not the best hairstyle, and it’s not the most flattering either. Selena Gomez, however, is one of the few young ladies who can pull off sporting curly locks like she was born to."
Couldn't stop myself. Had to comment on her opinion of curls.

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Crazy!! These people who believe this are just blind.
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I'm just in amazement that someone could say that? So my waves/curls start from my scalp... That makes them ugly? C'mon !
Couldn't stop myself. Had to comment on her opinion of curls.

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Originally Posted by dsgent
Yeah power to ya girl! I almost commented myself ! I still should!
-_- some people are born idiots, that's the way it is. They also seem to think being critical of other people's appearances makes them 'cool' or 'hip' in some way.

Best to ignore the plonkers, really.
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Seriously though, her hair looks amaze. I wonder how she styled it...
I've never seem a picture yet of someone who let their natural hair through that didn't look BETTER.
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