stupid things people have said about your curls

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I have heard all of these; "you should carry a spray bottle everywhere because your hair is ugly dry" "your curls look so exotic... like a coconut " "why do you mean straightening drys out your hair? I do it everyday,your just dramatic " "you put oil in your hair? That's ****ing nasty eeewww" "just get a Japanese straightener thingy so you look normal" "I bet you curl your hair for attention " "no guy will date you with that hair" "have you tried not letting it be curly?" "Why don't you brush it straight? " "your hair is too big, it's not ladylike" and finally "curly hair causes cancer"
Have you gotten any ignorant / hateful comments?
Wow. Ppl can be soo ignorant. I've had girls call me poodle everytime it was humid outside & my hair got frizzy. But that was 8th grade & now im 20 & haven't heard anything negative since.

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Curly hair causes cancer? Haha I've never heard that one before. Once I just scrunched my hair to go to class and one of my male friends looks at me and goes, "whoa! No wonder you straighten your hair!". People always seem to think curly hair is the result of not combing it, because people invariably tell me to "just comb it straight". Growing up in India, where everyone I knew had straight or barely wavy hair, was difficult. People had not seen curly hair often and I got called Maggi noodles ( popular brand of noodles in India), I could never find products that catered to my hair type. My mother used oil on my hair often, which definitely helped.
Once I had my hair curly and was in class, the guy behind me was like, "I bet you hate your hair huh?", no Sir, no I do not.

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