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Is it just me, or for Caucasian females with curly hair, it is more acceptable to have curly hair if you are a redhead or a blonde than if you are a brunette? My blonde and redhead curly friends are less likely to hear about straightening than I or fellow brunette curlies do. Weird, huh?
That's odd, I have brunette hair and I have gotten nothing but compliments. I guess it also can depend on the type of curls. I have looser curls.

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I can see the higher acceptance for curly red hair because it's seen as so unique. I seriously have red hair envy because it's so rare to see a natural redhead period, and then one who rocks beautiful, moisturized, well-defined naturally curly hair!??! Where is she!??! O_o western society anyway, flaxen hair was perceived as being the gold standard (no pun intended) but that 'worship' has been dying out in more recent years/decades, thank God.
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Maybe a brunette with 3b or 3c curls is seen as being less authentically white? I am not white but I have definitely seen that in parts of the U.S.

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Do your friends have looser curls? I have friends with wavy hair who get tons of compliments daily on their hair, and are never told to straighten (regardless of hair colour), yet everyone I know who has hair that's curlier than 2c rarely does. It probably also depends on where you live and how people think. Someone once told me "you have curly hair. Do you hate it?"

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Maybe a brunette with 3b or 3c curls is seen as being less authentically white? I am not white but I have definitely seen that in parts of the U.S.

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Originally Posted by multicultcurly
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
Or maybe blondes and redheads are taken less seriously to begin with so and curly hair doesn't change the perception either way?
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Pale brunette here...I guess I'm a Mediterranean type of "white", due to my Portuguese ancestry (light skin but dark features, such as my black bushy eyebrows), but I am also a bit mixed if you go down my ancestry line, and I'm not at all bothered if that keeps people guessing.

I usally get compliments. Of course sometimes the word exotic gets thrown around. I have had someone ask in astonishment how it's possible for someone as white as myself to have hair like mine, which I thought was funny (I know it might sound insulting, but the woman sounded very innocent and na´ve and just truly bewildered, I don't think she meant anything mean).

At least two people have said I looked Israeli.
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