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Default Breakage + Falling out, newly buzzed.

So hi, i am a guy, i'm 21 and i have pretty curly hair, i would say around 3c.

After having had long hair for a while i went to a salon once to get it cut a little, and i went to the wrong place..
To make a monthly long story short, i gave myself an even buzzcut down to 0 inches, or 1mm, in other words the shortest you can have it. And all i can say is that it looked terrible.
Anyway, i did that coincidentally on Halloween and since then i've been growing out without getting a trim.
So it's been four months and its around 1,7 inches.
It has gotten to a length where it finally matches my face a little bit and i dont have to run around with a hat on every day, so i really dont wanna trim it, also being afraid of hairdressers from the incident on and not being skilled enough myself. I wanna let it grow for aleast another 6 months.

My problem: Recently, or maybe even for a while but without noticing it that much. I have noticed little hairs, little hairs on my pillow in the morning, little hairs on my clothes and little hairs falling down if i go through my hair with a wide tooth comb.

These hairs are ca. half or a third of the size of my hair, so this must be breakage, some have roots and some dont. i have not experience me balding or anything but im growing paranoid. All i wanna know is if this is usual or not.

This is how i treat my hair.
I shampoo it around every 3rd day with DevaCurl No-poo. I dont use conditioner because i dont live in the states, finding conditioner without silicones here is like looking for the holy grail, and the no-poo as been sufficiant in keeping it from getting dry.
Once a week maybe i do a sulfate shampoo wash with some shampoo, apparently made for curly hair.

I comb through it with my hands after carefully padding it dry with a towel and then i let it air dry for around 40 minutes, then i blow dry it mildy to not make it too curly or tangled in front.
Thats it.

Thanks, i wanna know how much breakage, root or rootless, is a normal amount, and what one could do.

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