Hair growing back different texture after loss

I'm confused and would like to know if this has happened to anyone else. I'm 35. Due to an illness I lost most of my hair. So I shaved it all off to start over. Before, my hair was type 3c, low porosity fine and dense hair. Now it is growing in type 4a medium porosity fine hair. Of course the products I used to use don't work anymore. But the heavy creams and butters suggested for my hair type leave it oily, heavy and greasy. Will my hair stay this new texture or go back to the way it used to be. Don't get me wrong, I love the new texture, but don't want to spend a fortune trying out dozens of new products. Has anyone gone through this and any suggestions. I also recently had a stroke and am on blood thinners. Does this factor in?
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Firstly no-one knows if your hair will go back. Both medication and/or disease can change your hair temporary or permanently.

Secondly there are plenty of 4s around who don't use heavy creams and butters as not all 4s have the same density, strand size and porosity. Find out your other hair properties and use products appropriate to that not just your curl type.
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Perhaps you could combine some of your old products with a bit of the new to try to strike a balance? I love to experiment with my products so it's not unusual for me to 'mix & match'. Most COs are very compatible, for example. I like to melt shea butter and add it to my VO5 Shea Cashmere because it felt like it didn't have enough. I also add oils to any CO that doesn't list an oil on the label; or liquid protein, or honey, but for most things it's best to do the mixing in individual portions.
I think it happens because of some medicine side effects on your hair and you get new hair style. But it doesn't matter what types of your hair. if your hair falling it really big issue.
I don't have any specific advice, but can empathize by extension I guess? My aunt, while she was battling lung cancer, had to take multiple rounds of chemotherapy. After, her hair started growing back in as 3c, when she previously had no curl whatsoever!

I agree with the other posters; it sounds like you are picking products much heavier than your hair actually needs; most 4s I know also have fairly coarse hair, which is a factor in why they benefit from heavy butters and the like. The fineness of your "new" hair likely means that it will get easily weighed down or over-producty.

What was your "old" washing and styling routine like? Maybe tweaking it, rather than replacing everything entirely, is the way to go.
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