Dry itchy scalp

What can I do about a dry itchy scalp without flakes?
You need to post more information so people can help you.

What is your hair like? What products are you using? How often do you wash/co-wash your hair? What is the climate like where you are? Do you live in a hard or soft water area? Do you do a lot of sport and what type? Do you have any medical issues?
Oh boy I'm having a hard time finding my way around this site. I'm confused and overwhelmed. Sorry for that sidetrack.
But oops, I should have filled you in on my hair first. Forgive me I'm new to the site since it's changed & I don't know when that happened. :embarrassed:
Thanks for writing back.
I think we have very hard water. I want to get a water softener when we no longer rent.
I take medications, but my dry scalp's been this way since before Jesus was born.
I rarely shampoo, but when I do it's with either a conditioner-wash or a sulfate-free shampoo. I don't know how often. Guessing once a month.
I use conditioner daily. Any type not for volume building. I don't care one iota about the silicone thing.
My hair is probably normal strand thickness and it's graying at the temples.
I'm going to start using the gym every other day and to use the pool on the off days.
I'm in a humid climate, when it's not having dry spells. lol
I have six to twelve stylers but rarely use them. I have a slight impulse purchase and hoarding problem. lol
Since there's been no replies I took it upon myself to try a dandruff brand's dry scalp conditioner. I don't know if it's working.

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