My hairs used to be light blonde. I decided a couple of months ago to dye them dark red with L'Oreal products. The exact shade is 36, '' Deep burgundy brown '' .

It worked well, except my roots seemed to be much darker than usual. I told myself it might just be due to the contrast between the two colors. But in the last 2-3 months my hairs grew without dye, and the 3-4 centimeters long roots were still some kind of dark gray. Tonight I bleached the dark red as much as I could and covered everything with blond dye. It was a very hazardous attempt but it turned out fine.

I'm just wondering what went wrong. I couldn't find anything about colorations turning natural hair color to grey on internet... But if it's not because of the coloration I really have no idea what it could be. It's the only chemical I putted in them !

( I already posted this in the '' coloring your hair '' section, but then I figured maybe this section is the best one for this problem. )