Lavender Mist and Pregnancy

I am wanting to try the Lavender Mist recipe from Curly Girl, but I just picked up the Lavender oil (100% pure and natural) and it says "if pregnant or lactating, consult a practitioner before use"
Anybody have experience using lavender while pregnant??
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I spray a lavendar mist on my pillow sometimes. There are lots of things that say that that are usually okay to use...Tylenol is one example. I would check with your doctor, of course. You might cross-post this on the pregancy board. It's very active and you might get more responses.
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lavendar is one of the few essential oils that is pretty safe in pregnancy. I know one midwifery unit recommend using it antenatally to calm but they also say don't overdo it as it can allow your blood to flow more other words, your mist should be fine, but don't bathe in it , and apply it to the skin and mist it on your hair!
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scrunch or plop with old t shirt
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I used lavender oil in 3 pregnancies with no problems (wish I'd known about it with the first too!) so the mist should be fine.
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