QOD Red?

Feeling sort of tight on my budget so I am going to try ordering online for a DIY treatment. I saw some ads for QOD Red. Has anyone used it ? Does anyone know how it differs from the other UOD products?

Also, when you DIY, do you have to use the "kit" or can you use any clarifying shampoo before applying the keratin.

many thanks
How many weeks has it been since your BKT redo? 3? Has it washed out already?
I am about a month after my redo. Its still looking quite good. My hair grows really fast so I have roots ( very gray ones just so I don't miss them). I also work out so its a bit thicker at the bottom. I am assuming the sweat is taking the bottom out a bit. It still blow out easily and I have been wearing it curly with KCCC and just "wash and go". Curls are still loose and there is "swing", which I don't have without the treatment. I have no frizz for at least 2 days. After that I need to wet it down again and let it air dry. Funny enough it air dries really fast. It used to take my hair a good 18 hours with KCCC to dry. Now it dries in a few hours.

Since I live outside of the US, I know it will take time for shipping and I am thinking by end of the month it will be time for sure. Just planning ahead. I saw a ad for QOD Red for $170 for the large 33oz size. I am just trying to decide whether to go for it. I see lots of people seem to like the Max and the Gold.

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Yah..My roots are a mess, too. Haven't tried the Red, but want to try the White since it can be washed out in 6 hours.
I heard about the White---its new. Love the fact you don't have to leave it in. I will probably go with the older products because they are selling for less.

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