Surface Hair Protein Smoothing Treatment- HATE it. Help? :(

So I went to get a Surface Hair Smoothing treatment 3 weeks ago and I hate the results.

There are 3 levels: Smooth (straight), Curl Reducer, and Smoothing bath

I left the salon straight. Today I washed my hair and my hair is frizzy as I don't know what. My pretty curls (3c) have been reduced to a frizzy, wavy mess.

Has anyone done this treatment?

Can I get my curls back
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I did this treatment on my 4a/4b hair and like you, I hated it when I left the salon. I am now at 9 weeks and my hair is slowly starting to convert back. I contacted the gentleman that was promoting the product on youtube and he says it is a slow process. Again like you, I was starting to wonder if I messed my hair up. But I have hope that it will convert back hopefully by the end of October. You can see my video on YouTube, my screen name is "harrisll73" with the same title as above. Keep your head up.

As of today 11 December 2010, my hair has not converted back fully although some areas appeared to convert a little, such as the ends. I've noticed really bad split ends, not what I usually see with the "V" shape, more of a split down the shaft of the hair that forms a "O" when the two ends are pushed towards each other. I've decided to do another big chop and start over ; although I've been cutting an inch here and there during the last 2 months, I do not plan to cut the remaining hair until I have at least 4". Right now I have between 2.5 - 3" of growth since I did the treatment; so I'm guessing around Mar/Apr 2011 I'll just start over.

I would not recommend this product for my hair type.

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My beautiful 3c curls are gone. I am so heated right now because I am not seeing any sign of reversion.

I'm going to have to transition again too.
A 3b/3c/ curlicious combo with a sprinkle of 4a.
The Big Chop August. 2006
Natural Diva since 2005.
Tracklete Star!

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