Has anyone managed to color & BKT & have both last?

Per the instructions I was given, I colored (with semi permanent color) then washed with clarifying shampoo then did the QOD Max White. I noticed that after my first shampoo post BKT, my grays were already showing. I was afraid to recolor, because I was told that it would remove the BKT.

At this point, I'm ready to recolor and redo the BKT - the results were amazing at first but the color is pretty much gone and so is the BKT. I've tried to be patient and wait longer (this weekend will be 3 weeks) but I'm back to not liking my hair again. I'm only using the Copolla Keratin Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner. I do wash my hair 5 times a week, because I work out & my hair gets so greasy.

I thought about clarifying first, then coloring, then BKT - any suggestions???
I can't speak about semi-permanent color since my color was permanent, but the reason it's semi-permanent is because it washes away over time, so maybe it doesn't work as well with the BKT. I had highlights in January, and they're still brilliant today, and my BKT is still going strong 7 months later. I haven't done a full-head since then--just root applications every 3-4 weeks.

I think your problem with the BKT is the frequent washing. I don't use shampoo. I work out fairly intensely 6 days/wk, and I co-wash every other day. Occasionally, I use a little bit of Long Lovely Locks Green Tea Cleanse instead of cowashing when I feel like my scalp needs a good cleansing.

I've not used the White, so I can't speak about its staying power. 2 weeks after BKT application, you should be able to color again. Did you wait 3 days after coloring to do the BKT? That may be your problem, too, if you didn't.

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hey ladies!

From my experience and Using QOD MAX, here I go...

Since the sun and the pool got my hair ends so light this summer, I went and color my hair to deposit some color and balance it. On my last treatment I colored hair and apply the BKT the same day. The website reads that we can. My color still holding great! And the treatment also.
So so far so good on my end! Do you need to use Clarifying shampoo after coloring? I color as normal, then proceed to the treatment.

Thanks for the tips! Redoing both color & BKT this weekend, I'll try not washing so much this time around. Last time I experimented with cowashing, my hair looked greasy. Maybe it will look better with the BKT conditioner, last time I used my usual Redken. The BKT company told me that if I redid my color only, it would hurt the BKT. So I'll try both again, and if I don't have better results I'll try another "express" product.

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