Hi Everyone

We just released a new retail line of keratin treatment. KeraPremium is safe to use at home 100% formaldehyde and aldehyde free.
We will be featured as well on SkyMall magazine.
Any questions let us know.
I am a stylist and had about given up on finding a truly formaldehyde free keratin treatment. I had come to the conclusion that the formaldehyde was part of the process and that was a risk I was not willing to take. I just happened to run across KeraGreen after I had basically given up and I still didn't believe it. They laid it all out there, offered the MSDS, something that you can't even get from Brazilian Blowout if you already carry it and ask real nice. I decided to try it, they offer us stylists a 30 day money back guarantee, and have only had one client that wasn't 100% satisfied out of the 10 that I have done. The one VERY important thing that you have to do is buy the proper shampoo or it will wash right out. Yes, the KeraGreen shampoo is very expensive but if you do enough research you can find another option. You have to use something that is Sulfate and Sodium Chloride free. The other option I sell my clients is DermOrganic. I do the Keragreen as a package that includes the shampoo and conditioner so there isn't a issue with not buying the product. The three day wait period is very important and will eliminate some people and the only thing I dislike, since I work alone, is that I don't have anyone to give me the service!
KeraGreen Keratin and Protein Hair Treatment is an exclusive formulation with L-Cystine, Hydrolyzed Keratin and Collagen, and other active components of certified Organic and natural ingredients that helps to restore hair to its natural state. It helps in controlling hair loss and managing frizzy, weak, coarse hair.

I use organic's Hair color, and organic salon systems took in the company that started the keragreen treatment and reformulated it. Mind you, Organic salon systems is formulated in the UK and made there, they are ver strict on what goes into their color and products. I went to a class for color and the Keragreen treatment had just come out and they touched base on the treatment, I was very skeptical about the product but after seeing what it does and DOES NOT SMELL, at all... the L-cystine is actually a amino acid, which in some cases have found to stimulate more hair growth.

I currently do not have the product yet ( I am going to order in next week) I was sold when it first came out but the salon i worked for didn't want to buy it for me. I am very sensitive nosed, and we used a product called simply smooth keratin treatment and i was told it had not formaldehyde it in, they were wrong after doing testing there was .02 percent of formaldehyde. I could smell and clients could to. NOT GOOD!!! If i were to go with anything i would go with the keragreen over simply smooth anyway. If you want more information on it go to Organic Salon Systems Professional Organic Salon Products they will give you a run down of the ingredients and what they are...

take it from a hairstylists point of view!!!

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