My Keratin Complex results!

First of all, when I got in the shower, the second I wet it a HORRIBLE smell came out. It was really weird. I'm guessing it was the treatment itself. Idk.
My hair felt really nasty in the shower and all of a sudden a huge regret came over me.
Then, after I shampooed, it started to feel really nice. It was VERY easy to brush out.
I saw some people were saying how after the first wash they lost a bunch of hair every time they would touch their hair; That didn't happen to me. My hair fell out a lot in the shower before the treatment and still does.

This is before the treatment:

Ugly, right?!

This is probably 20 minutes after I got out of the shower:

This is after school today:

Overall, I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants less frizzy and more manageable hair.

It's definatly going to take some getting used to though because it's so flat but I prefer this over big, nasty, frizzy hair!

If yall have questions I can definatly try to help!
Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment: May 12, 2011
Hair type before: 3
Hair type after: 2
Have you gotten the treatment done again since then? Has the hair fall increased? Thank you!
I had my hair done a few months ago, i agree that formula really smells bad. But my stylist said it is chemical free because keratin is a protein found naturally in our skin, hair, and nails.

After the treatment I had to wait for 72 hours before washing my hair. The result was amazing, my hair was more manageable and take much less time to style. It was noticeably softer and straighter, with added life and shine as well as a lengthened look.

I would definitely recommend it!
That's incredible! The only Keratin I've ever had done has made my hair pin-straight. I'd love to have those kind of manageable curls!

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