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trevel 09-16-2012 07:40 PM

Anyone want to try QOD oraniq Red?
So I bought a 1L bottle a while ago thinking it's better than repeatedly purchasing 40$ sample shots that inevitably I have to ration out in order to cover my whole hair.
Unfortunately, I just looked at my bottle and saw that the expiration date is Jan 2013 and I literally haven't even used a 1/4 of it. Would anyone like to buy some? I can pour into pre-set oz bottles. I bought the original bottle from keratin4u (who is great btw).

I love this stuff, I've got 3c hair, long and once quite thick (which coppola ruined by the way, don't get me started on that), this makes it much more manageable. I'm no whiz but even I can apply at home.

Anyway, this stuff is great, I believe their formaldehyde free advertisement because it is milder than the original and much safer on my hair. Result are great (which is why I havent used as much of it), I've been applying every 3 months but every 2 months is probably ideal- I just don't have the time.

Let me know if you're interested, trevelyana at gmail

jessy.bill.5 10-29-2012 09:22 PM

Hi, Trevel, you are absolutely right! I love QOD as well, but if you are worried this big bottle will expire soon, QOD offers you these wonderful QOD brazilian keratin treatments in small bottles (only 4 oz). It is actually a spray-on formula, and I am a big fan of it. The application process is so much easier and faster. They are formaldehyde free and one small bottle is enough for approx. 2-4 applications.

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