My keratin experience

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I visited my local keratin hair dresser in the UK and loved the treatment they provided!
The type of keratin was the nanokeratin, which I was told was the best type of keratin for my hair type.
The treatment begin by applying the keratin into my curly hair (which stung my eyes for about about 20 minutes as the product was so strong). Next my hair was straightened to activate the keratin into my hair and I was then told to keep my hair poker straight for the next 72 hours. And if a kink developed over night I was to straighten it straight away in the morning. I was told this was to prevent kinks after washing my hair when it is natural.
After 72 hours I washed my hair and notices an immediate change, my curl pattern was lengthened and my hair seemed to have grown over night, I loved it. Especially because I was in the first year of going natural with my hair and it was fairly short in its natural curl pattern.
I was told the keratin would wear off after 6 months and 7 months later I had fully noticed my natural hair pattern back to normal. I have also noticed my hair is a lot drier and so I think the keratin worked well for my hair.
However I would not get a second treatment as it was very expensive and I have heard and read many horror stories of the keratin permanently damaging your curl pattern after the second and third keratin treatment.
Overall I don't really regret my keratin treatment, and would recommend it to people who hate shrinkage and want more length from their natural hair!!

The picture is my hair just after 72 hour wait with the nanokeratin treatment, before my hair was in small ringlet curls which reached my chin in length at a max.

My keratin experience-imageuploadedbycurltalk1398810728.714810.jpg
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your hair looks like a nice 3b/c now with the keratin! Good for you. I am afraid to do it since I am color treated and a length addict but I will research the product for my friend who is looking for something just like what you have!
I think you will probably reconsider never touching up by the time this one wears off in 6 months and your other texture returns in full force.
Enjoy it you look great!

ETA I see it on ebay and amazon. By then you may want to buy it there and flat iron it yourself
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Sorry i hadn't replied i lost my password!..

It is expensive but is definitely worth every penny. I don't think i would do it again because it needs touching up every six months. Thanks for the advice :-)
I've had 4 in-salon bkts so I know what you're saying about the money! The thing is, I live in Florida with year round humidity attacking my frizz-bomb hair, plus I'm in the hospitality business so I have to look 'put together.' Keratin loosens my curls so I can wear them longer and looser, or I can do a quick blow dry and get a really nice turned under bob in 10 minutes, and it DOESN'T FRIZZ. On me, it lasts 4 months (not 6), which is still long enough!

Last year money was tight so I decided to try DIYing. I saw good youtube reviews for Uncurly and tried it. I seriously think I got a better results than my stylist did.

If the only reason you';re not redoing yours is the cost, don't let that stop you. I have as much hair as three people but it took only two hours in total and I was able to do three treatments with one bottle so it only cost under $25 per treatment. Very easy. Also, they didn't say I had to keep my hair stick-straight before washing out the treatment which made it much easier. Isn't keratin the best?

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