Kerastraight treatment

Hi, every year when the weather would get warmer and humid, I'd freak out and want to get a keratin treatment. I have 3b hair and wear it curly most of the time. I air dry, then use a curling iron to elongate my curls. (hate the shrinkage) Well, after friends have gotten treatments, I decided to bite the bullet and get over my fear. I went to Ulta and got the 3rd level (there are 4-mild, medium, strong, and ultra) I got the strong. I can wash it, but decided to wait until 3 days after. Tomorrow is the 3rd day. I'm having anxiety about my curls. I do want curls, just more loose. We'll see!! Has anyone else had this treatment??
I'd love to hear people's experiences too as I've been tempted and wondering if it'd be worth it for my hair!

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