Hey all,

I've lurked this forum for a decade now and had an account a while ago that I just can't remember. I'm looking for some advice from you experienced ladies regarding keratin treatment.

I'm planning to use this kit on Amazon: ("Brazilian Hair Straightening / Blow-Dry Home Keratin Treatment 100ml (COMPLETE KIT)") but haven't really seen it mentioned on this forum. Has anyone had bad (or good!) experiences with this kit?

I'm quite confident I can do the treatment at home. I'm a student so really can't afford salon prices and I know how to straighten my hair well. I've watched youtube videos detailing the process as well.

My main concern is how my hair will come out post-treatment unstraightened. My curls have totally done a 360 as I've grown older (I'm 24 now), they've downgraded from a 3B in my teens (which I loved) and now they're probably a 2C. I don't know if it's because of all of the straightening I've done over these past years or because my hair is mixed race (mother's hair is bone straight) and this is a common phenomenon? Also, the ends of my hair are already straight (it looks INCREDIBLY odd!!!) which I put down to heat damage (? even though I use heat protection spray and only straighten once every 6 weeks).

Anyway, the main problem with my hair is frizz! It's so frizzy and I've tried everything (Aveda, Tigi, Mixed Chicks, drug store brands, common gel brands, sulphate free shampoos, no-poo method etc) to tame it. It frizzes at the nape of my neck, along the entire hairline and after a day post-wash the entire back of my hair. I've read that this treatment can reduce frizz a considerable amount and I've seen some really beautiful results.

My questions:
1) My hair is currently a very frizzy 2C (or 3A?). Will the keratin treatment make my hair even straighter? I just want to remove frizz.
2) When the treatment (first ever) 'washes out', does your hair revert back to its original state?
3) Is that kit on Amazon as good as the reviews state?
4) Is there anything else that you'd warn me about?

Thanks so much