Help with my keratin treatment

I have been getting Copolla Keratin for about 5 years now. Over the years, my curl has been disappearing. In December I decided to try a new Keratin Treatment, Trissola. Today my hair still looks terrible. It is poker straight. I can't just wash and let it air dry! I have to blow it out every time. But, my regrowth is coming in frizzy. My question is do I get another Keratin Treatment to combat the frizz? My stylist suggested a Brazilian Blowout. Help, I don't know what to do. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
Hi, Leroysoccer~

How much of your hair are you reintroducing to BKT at each touch up?

My hair was also losing it's curl/becoming lifeless until I followed the advice of Honeycurls. She basically said that after the desired level of curl has been reached, do not to let that part of the hair be redone... just BKT the new growth until the desired level is reached.

Perhaps switching to a well-liked BKT brand like Kerapremium and starting a deep conditioning regime will help

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