So 3 days ago I went to a salon to get my hair done for a wedding,and they had to straighten my hair,the procces was aplying some spray heat protector,some kind of mousse I think,blow drying and combing my hair and then the straightener..I usually straighten my hair maybe twice a year tops,more if I'm going to weddings or that sort of things but not more than five times in the whole year.

So the next morning I took a shower and I expected my curls to bounce back right away (as they always do),but when I was washing my hair I noticed that some parts were dead straight,I panicked and I put more shampoo and conditioner but nothing,I had some straight parts and some wavy/curly (my curls are a 3b),also my hair smelled so awful like burnt or something,I washed my hair yesterday and a couple more curls appeared but as today my hair it's still straight/wavy/kind of curly,my roots are curlier than the rest of my hair but the ends are wavy/straight.

Some friends told me that maybe the heat protector had keratin in it and when I asked the girl who did my hair..she sent me the name of the product she used "Revlon's Equave Instant Beauty" I looked it up on google and the first thing that pops up it's Keratin Enriched!!!.I'm so sad because I looove my curls and I never wanted any of this,I just want them back to normal.

I've been washing my hair but the straight parts won't come of,I don't know what to do,any suggestions on how to remove it??

Help please!

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