Advanced Keratin Treatment

I have had a previous Coppola Keratin Treatment at Ulta and thanks to a poster here found a place that does an advanced Keratin Treatment that is made to wash out same day. The hair salon is in Cranston, Rhode Island - A Nu U. Its about an hour from my house in Mass, but worth the trip!

First of all, I could not handle the 3 day wait period with Coppola or any of the other Keratin Treatments. I had the Coppola done 5 months ago and decided to try this one instead. The process was basically the same, except this stylist spent more time and worked in much smaller sections of my 3B hair. The smell was a slight strawberry and did not bother me. The treatment can actually be washed out after one hour, but I decided to leave it in for 24 hours. My hair felt much more sticky with product than it did with the Coppola. It felt really dirty, but was smooth. I personally felt that when I had the Coppola done they were very stingy with the keratin and it did not coat my hair enough. But, I don't know if this typical with Coppola. This stuff I felt on my hair and it was drinking it up!

I have the Coppola Keratin shampoo and condish which I used when I washed today. Felt silky smooth in the shower. I used a tiny bit of Coppola infusion and air dried. It dried very quickly and feels great. I would say I am a lot less frizzy and a very loose 3A right now - exactly where I want to be. I plan to buy another sodium free shampoo when my Coppola stuff is gone because I am not crazy over it.

So, right now I am extremely happy with the results and can only hope it lasts! I felt that after about a month with the Coppola it really started to wear out. I will plan to give an update to compare it to Coppola after I have lived with it for awhile. Any questions, let me know.
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I thought I would give a quick update to my keratin hair after one month. I am still in love with it and can't imagine not having keratin treatments since it makes life so much easier! I just had color done one month after the keratin. I did have the advanced keratin and waited only 24 hours after to wash.

Compared to the Coppola I had previously, my hair feels slightly better. Could be because it is the second keratin treatment and I have read that your hair gets better after every treatment. This time I also do not feel like it is washing out as quick when I had it done the first time. So, its kind of hard to figure out if this is because a different keratin treatment was used or because it is the second time.

I am extremely happy with the results and will plan to have this keratin treatment again the next time. I can not handle the 3 day wait period and hiding out for that time period, so the 24 hour one is perfect. I may be tempted to go longer than the 24 hours to see if that would make a difference too.

For products, I alternate with the Coppola shampoo(just cuz I have it - would not rebuy) and an also using Aubrey organic shampoo. I got a few samples of Aubrey organics shampoo from my local health food store and so far like that, so I think I will purchase. I have been using Loreal everpure conditioner which is fine, but I might start experimenting with some other conditioners. I don't particularly like the Coppola condish, but I have a huge bottle of that still too and occasionally use it. If people have reccommendations for conditioners - please post. I do like the Keratin Coppola infusion pink cream stuff and use a little of that and then add gel. I bought some Kiss my Face Upper management Gel, but am not thrilled with that. I still go back to my Biolage Gel. The biggest difference is that I don't require alot of product now and that has been great and obvioulsy cuts down on drying time. So, thats whats going on with my hair - any questions, feel free to ask!
3B dark brown shoulder length
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How is your hair doing? Do you still like it?

How does it compare to the original Coppola treatment?
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Hi, I just found a salon in Cherry Hill, NJ that does this "wash and wear" keratin treatment. Thank you for posting your experience with it. I have been searching the internet for information on it but was unable to find anything. If you can please give an update. I have 2a-2b hair and had the 72 hr Coppola treatment 2 yrs ago. It made my hair kind of lifeless though so I'm curious to see if this one is a little different. Anxious to hear about anything else you can share!
I'm still loving my hair! It has been a little over two months now since I had the advanced keratin treatment and it is still great. Slowly (and I mean slowly) the curl is becoming a little frizzier, but still so manageable. I find that when I diffuse my hair now I get some great clumpy curls. My second day hair is flatter, but just a few curls with a large barrel curling iron and it looks great. I am still in awe when I look in the mirror at times - is that really my bouncy wavy hair I am looking at! Condition of my hair is great, although I should probably be using a deep conditioner. Right now I am using Devacurl no poo shampoo and everpure conditioner. I still have not found another conditioner that I love, so just sticking with that for now. I broke down and bought Pureology shampoo (the color treated hair one) and I am not thrilled with it. I was really surprised with this as I thought I was going to love it. I have tried it a few times and the results are not as good and I can only go two days after using it. No poo actually gives me third day hair. I still love the Coppola hair infusion pink cream and biolage gel.

I am going on vacation next week and plan to swim in the ocean daily, so I imagine I am going to wash it all away. But thats okay as I really love the ocean and snorkeling, so I can't stay out for my hair sake. My hair stylist just suggested putting some conditioner in it prior to swimming and rinsing with water when I come out of the ocean.

I feel like I have definately got my moneys worth from this and will re-do after vacation. My hair stylist was also experiementing with an oil version of Keratin that is wash and wear. I will find out if she will suggest that or I will stick with the last one she did.

Any other questions, let me know.
3B dark brown shoulder length
Co-wash, Living Proof No frizz, Biolage Gel, Giovanni vitapro fusion leave in

thanks for the info!!
Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density
Yes, thank you for all of the great info! I haven't worked up the nerve to book an appointment yet but may go for it this week. Enjoy your vacation. If anyone else has tried the wash and wear please let me know as I am curious to see the effects. Again, I am just nervous to lose all of my curl and have flat, lifeless hair.
Do you know what brand the advanced keratin treatment is?

Thank you!
The kind of keratin my hair stylist uses is from La Brasiliana. I just had it done again this week and it has been awesome in this humid weather. My hair was pretty frizzy and dry before I went and it really gave me a good idea of what my hair is like without the keratin. It was just over three months since my last keratin, but I swam in the ocean for a full week while on vacation, so I am sure that got rid of some of the keratin. I hope I can get the entire summer out of this last treatment, but it may not last as long if I swim.
3B dark brown shoulder length
Co-wash, Living Proof No frizz, Biolage Gel, Giovanni vitapro fusion leave in
I actually had it done on my hair twice and I'm finding technique is everything. The first time I only had a slightly elongated curl. I was a hair model so I got it done for free, but it was def not done propperly. I made the mistake of using a DC that had ammonium salt in it 10 days after my treatment, and it washed out right away!

Yesterday I paid $280 dollars for a treatment and the technique and amount of product was SIGNIFICANTLY different, and so my hair is MUCH straighter. My 4a curls are now like 3aish.

How was yours applied? Mine was applied, blow dried, flat ironed, and then washed out immediately and blow dryed and flat ironed again. The brand was Donna Bella Perla
Hi Hairguru17
My advanced keratin was applied slightly different than yours. First, she washed my hair with clarifying shampoo. My hair was blown dry and then the keratin was applied with a color brush. She then blew dry the keratin into my hair, and then flat ironed it to death. You can wash the treatment out after one hour, but I have waited 24 hours both times I had this method done. Not sure if it matters, but I figure I can go the 24 hours with straight, producty hair.
Did you experience any fumes or smell this with brand? I only have had noticed slight fumes when she flat irons my hair, but it is not bad.
3B dark brown shoulder length
Co-wash, Living Proof No frizz, Biolage Gel, Giovanni vitapro fusion leave in
MAJOR fumes...I had to step outside SEVERAL times. eyes burning. Throat burning....

Does anyone know the brand name of the advanced keratin treatment??
The one I had at the salon was la brasiliana. There are others also - marcia teixeira, inoar, and global to just name a few. I think more companies are making the advanced formulas because waiting that 3 -4 day time period can be brutal. Some salons are calling it "express keratin"
3B dark brown shoulder length
Co-wash, Living Proof No frizz, Biolage Gel, Giovanni vitapro fusion leave in

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