How do I prevent breakouts before/during my period?

I have pretty clear skin. However, as soon as my period begins to come, whiteheads will start popping up on my face. Around my mouth, chin, and forehead. They're easily removed with gentle scrubbing with hot water and the mark is also easily covered with makeup, but is there any way to prevent it in the first place?

I have Retin-A and Duac that I don't use very much anymore. Would those be effective to preventing pimples before and during my period? Or are the hormones just going to do their own thing no matter what?
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You cant really...but staying hydrated helps.... as does exfoliating regularly. But hormones are hormones. If they are really bad and it bothers you, birth control can help.....
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This is my trick. Benzoyl Peroxide Gel. I slap that stuff on my face like it's going out of style at night before I go to bed right before my period is going to start.

It works like a charm! And I have acne prone skin that I have under really good control (now no one believes I ever even suffered from acne) but around my cycle I still used to ALWAYS get one or two zits that hurt like heck. It was either one on my nose or one on my chin. It was like they were lumps imbedded under the skin. They were red and ohhhhh they were tender.

I started using the Benzoyl Peroxide Gel concentrated in those spots and I don't get them anymore. And I know that is what's working because I experimented on purpose and stop using it just to see..and BAM.. I got the darn painful zit again. Used it zits.

I think it's the because it has the 10% in it. I think even the Proactiv lotion only has 2.5% in it. And I don't get any expensive brands either. I get these kinds : Walgreens brand, Body Sense, or Clearisel (sp?). They all work just the same cause they all have the 10%. And they are dirt cheap and can be picked up at any drugstore and Walmart.
I always stay away from oily foods during that time. Well, guess that doesn't say much, but it really does help me.
I have Retin-A and Duac that I don't use very much anymore. Would those be effective to preventing pimples before and during my period? Or are the hormones just going to do their own thing no matter what?
Originally Posted by curlyerika
I would use the Retin-A all the time.
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Pre-mensy zits are caused by hormones--not b/c you didn't wash your face well or you ate a lot of sugary foods. Those type of zits are non-controllable. Birth control is the only solution, and it doesn't work for everyone.

I will agree with Marah Mizrahi though...benzoyl peroxide is my life-saver with acne, especially before that time of the month. It'll help get rid of those zits fast. I get mine from The site owner, Daniel Kern, sells 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel (which studies have shown works exactly the same as 10% and it won't dry your face out like the 10% does). I've tried Retin-a, Pro-active, salycylic acid products, Burt's bees herbal blemish stick, etc. Nothing's worked as well as benzoyl peroxide.
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Right before I get my period I start drinking a lot of water and doing face masks. My favorite is the Mint Julep one by Queen Helene. It lasts forever and it's amazing at drying zits out. I even use it as a spot treatment when the zits are being stubborn.

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Doesn't benzoyl peroxide eventually dry out yr skin & age yr skin quicker? I read that somewhere.
I also read that cetaphil cleanser contains benzoyl peroxide but I cldnt see it on the ingredients. Would it be called something else?
I don't think benzoyl peroxide makes you 'age quicker', as long as you counteract the dryness. The dryness is real though, I couldn't handle it even at 5%. It made every makeup application a nightmare and was flaking off within a few hours. The benefits were just not worth the side affects. I have been using 2% BHA as an alternative and it's much better for me.

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