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At 13 I was allowed to wear light colored lip gloss only and concealer. And a eyelash curler with clear gel mascara.

For my 16th birthday I was bought the whole kit amd kaboodle from mary kay, from face mask toner, foundation, eyeliner, blush, etc. And I was taught how to put it on by the consultant.

I used to use friends makeup at school from time to time, as unhygenic as that sounds. Mostly lip glosses eyeshdow and powders. But I'm kinda glad I was started slowly. It kept my skin healthy and I didn't look like a .... anyway.

I think its good to make sure you have a really good skin care regimin to start. Wash face gently twice daily, toner if needed, and moisturizer. Start with light colors, glosses and neutral eyeshadows. Use a good moisturizer suited for your skin type, then concealer only where you need it, like if you have a blemish. And maybe a light powder if you start to get oily, but that varies depending on your hormones and can sometimes make oiliness worse.

Eyeliner and mascara can look a little overdone on a day to day basis. If you must I'd start with a very neutral color eyeliner, and try using an eyelash curler. I prefer it to mascara, and the clear mascara really holds the curl well.

You should only need full facial makup for special occasions. Like dances and things.

Have fun!
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What drugstore makeup company has the best nude lip stain or pigmented lip gloss? I have bought enough mascara and liquid eyeliner to last me half the school year.
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I always liked neutrogena products.
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Originally Posted by BeautyisMiree View Post
What drugstore makeup company has the best nude lip stain or pigmented lip gloss? I have bought enough mascara and liquid eyeliner to last me half the school year.
I really like the Revlon lip butters.
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Sounds great! I started to apply make up at the age of 14 but mostly wear it with occasions.
I believe the best anti aging skin treatments Gold Coast are detox treatments Gold Coast
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I started when I was 13, I was obsessed with makeup tutorials on youtube and my sister is an ex makeup artist so she gave me a majority of her MAC kit when she quit. I fill my brows every day as they are naturally sparse, and tend to just curl my lashes on a very lazy day, for school my winged eyeliner is my staple look, i mastered it and it's what I'm known for now lol. I dont have the time for a full face so its usually mascara liquid winged liner a powder maybe concealer and of course brows. Shadow on the rare occasion my number one tip: avoid eyeliner on your waterline if you dont want to look like a clown or raccoon. Its not flattering on young teens imo and looks really typical bad highschool makeup. Easily avoidable best of luck!
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I'm 17, a high school senior, I started with just mascara around 7th grade. Then I wore mascara everyday since 8th grade. But the whole shebang I didn't start till about 10th grade.
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11...I was pretty insecure haha
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If you can read this then you're standing too close.
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I was about 13 and by high school I was pretty good with it.
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I was maybe 12/13 when I started wearing makeup. I don't really remember. I know my mom gave me some of her makeup she didn't use so that I could practice for when I was allowed to wear makeup, and I started wearing little amounts out of the house and she would comment saying it looked good. So we were kind of at an unspoken agreement that I was allowed to wear makeup.
Even now though, I only really wear light amounts: Mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, concealer, and lipstick, and I'm 16. I think you should be fine if you stick with the basics. I believe natural looks are typically the best.
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Originally Posted by Neleke View Post
I'm 22 now and 19% of the time (when I'm home or when I'm lazy) I just wear a moisturising cream which isn't really makeup but more a protection for my dry skin and nothing else.
80% of the time I use a moisturising cream and black eyeliner (whenever I go outside and am not being lazy) since I wear glasses and black eyeliner below my eyes (I only do it below and not above) makes my eyes look bigger.

The other 1% of the time (special occasions, parties) I wear the moisturising cream, black eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss or red lipstick, blush and eyeshadow (I'm really good at doing eyeshadow, but I think it is too much to do it every day).

I started using make-up 3 years ago (so when I was 19).

I'm probably someone who does really minimal make-up, according to USA standards. I live in Belgium (Europe) and I think most people here don't use a lot of make-up daily.

What I would advise you: don't use too much things ... you will ruin your skin and that will make your skin show signs of ageing much earlier. You don't want to look like you're 50 years old when you're only 40, right?
I would especially not use too much foundation or tinted things on the entire space of your face. Those things can clog your skinpores and can make your skin look older, with earlier wrinkles then when you didn't do that earlier on.

So: in short:

To avoid:
- foundation (you can see that as the devil...): it reaally is ok if you do that a couple of times a year (like once a month or so), but please don't do that every day
- BB cream or other tinted creams ==> if it is tinted, it has the possibility to clog your pores which will make your skin getting older, and on the short term putting a lot of make-up on your skin can dry out your skin or can cause acne (which everyone tries to avoid and which is quite common at 14, right?)
- blush: again: tinted and on a large amount of your face.
-lipstick: lip gloss is better for your skin and more age appropiate (lipstick isn't that good for your lips and wrinkled lips are quite ugly )
==> all these things to avoid are things you should avoid on a daily basis. If you want to do them for special occasions or so, you can definitely do that, no worries

What you should definitely do:
- invest in a good moisturising daycream (it doesn't have to be expensive, just "good")
- possibly invest in a good moisturising nightcream as well (although at your age daycream by itself should be enough)
- invest in a good product to remove make-up, preferably something almondoilbased (unless you have really oily skin, then you should probably not go for oils)

What make-up you could really try without ruining your skin and without looking clownish:
- eyeliner: I'm a huuuge fan of eyeliner, it only covers a small part of your skin so it won't hurt your skin and it makes such a huuuge difference
- mascara: I personally don't really like that because it doesn't make a lot of a difference for me, but for some people this is perfect.
- lip gloss: juicy baby!
- eyeshadow: don't be afraid of eyeshadow. I love it on special occasions. If you are afraid you are going to get too dramatic eyes and that it will be too much you should do it the way I do it: I work with three to four different tones of the same colour to get a subtle and elegant effect: the lightest one (let's say peach colour) above your moving eyelid, the second lightest one (let's say light orange) in the innercorner of your eyelid and the darkest colour (let's say middle brown) on the outside 3/4 of your moving eyelid. Then sometimes I add white right under my eyebrow to make my eyes look brighter. I then let the colours flow over into each other by going over them with the brush again.
Result: subtle golden (in the case of peachy yellow, orange and brow) elegant eyeshadow...
This sounds difficult, but it isn't (if you want more info about the way I do my eyeshadow or if it isn't clear, just PM me).

Anyway: I would advise you not to use too much make-up on a daily basis (only 2 things at a time or so) because otherwise, what will you do to look special on special occasions? What is the fun part of special occasions if your make-up looks almost the same compared to normal days?
You will stand there "I put an extra effort on my make-up today" and other people will almost not notice the difference.

I would definitely recommend you (on a daily basis) to only put an effort on either your eyes or your lips at one time.
Putting make-up on both your eyes and your lips will be too much and people won't know where to look.
If you have lovely eyes I would put on eyeliner and mascara to make them stand out more. If you have lovely lips and teeth (or just want to be kissable ) I would put on lipgloss. If you like them both, you can do one thing one day, another thing the next day.

Really important: always remove your make-up (and even day cream) at the end of the day in order to not ruin your skin.

Remember: less is more! (and you can do more on special occasions and make people look at you with a "wow"-impression)

Sorry for this a bit too thorough answer, and thank you for reading (I'm a bit obsessed about make-up and followed a couple of make-up classes)
Not to be rude, but a lot of this information is wrong. Foundation isn't bad at all. It's my favorite product. As long as you take it off before you go to bed it won't do anything bad to your skin and it really makes you look so much better. Blush does not go on "a large amount of the face", just on the cheeks. And lipgloss isn't better for your lips than lipstick. Lipstick isn't even bad for your lips. If you apply it correctly it'll look great. My best suggestion is to go to YouTube and watch makeup tutorials. They'll walk you through it step by step.
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