Ulta vs Sephora

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Which one is better, on all accounts?

I just visted both for the first time in yrs and Ulta blew Sephora away. Or maybe I was in some kind of Sephora Express kinda thing where it had only limited merchandise.

But most noteworthy on my list was the clear absence of DevaCurl products and this TooFaced three-in one lash liner (which is the bomb) at Sephora.
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I prefer Ulta because I like to be able to grab cheaper products in with my high end stuff. Sephora gives me sticker shock. I get that Ulta is missing some
If the very high end stuff, but I generally find more at Ulta. I am usually in sephora for something specific that I can only find there. Ulta is my guilty pleasure place, where I browse and enjoy picking up random items. I also love their reward system- I forget about them and let them stack up and got $18 off my order the other day!
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Ulta. I find it less snooty and I also like that it has cheaper drugstore items mixed in.
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It depends on what I'm looking for and how far I'm willing to travel. I have to go to Ulta for my Deva stuff and AG Re:Coil, but I usually end up at Sephora for make-up, mainly because it's much closer (20 minutes vs 1 hour). I also like a few Bumble and Bumble hair products that I can only get at Sephora. Most of my other less expensive items I can grab elsewhere in my local travels.
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Ulta by far.

I have to go to a mall for Sephora-only items and it's a pain.

ULTA! They are much friendlier there compared to sephora or maybe I'm going to the wrong sephora
I actually find sephora to be more helpful and friendly.
However, ulta is more convenient. I used to pass by a sephora at least once a week so it was more convenient. I will admit that I don't love sephora enough to go out of my way when I can just go to ulta.
I'm not sure about ulta's sample policy but the thing I loved about sephora is I could walk out with loads of samples every time I went.
All of that being said, I usually know exactly what I want when I go into a store (or have it narrowed down to a few choices), I don't go and just browse. I know what questions I need answered, etc so I rarely have people pushing product and often times don't need to actually speak to anyone

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Sephora. More knowledgeable staff, better quality of products.
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Looking up three-in-one-lash liner.

Looking up three-in-one-lash liner.
Originally Posted by claudine191
It's my favorite eyeliner now!
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It depends on what I'm looking for and how far I'm willing to travel. I have to go to Ulta for my Deva stuff and AG Re:Coil, but I usually end up at Sephora for make-up, mainly because it's much closer (20 minutes vs 1 hour). I also like a few Bumble and Bumble hair products that I can only get at Sephora. Most of my other less expensive items I can grab elsewhere in my local travels.
Originally Posted by Corrina777
I didn't realize ulta carries AG: products, too! One more reason to love Ulta!

But @ TNB - yeah, I didn't find the staff to be especially knowledgeable at Ulta.
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3b (with 3c tendencies) on modified CG

Maybe Im a weirdo, but I went in Ulta for the first time ever a couple weeks back & was really unimpressed. Maybe it's because it's new to the area (still 45 mins away) & I have a feeling it's a small Ulta? I don't know. The sephora in the same town is small too so maybe it's just our locations. Or maybe I'm a cheapskate. Maybe it's just me lol. It coulda been that my expectations are too high or I really didnt have anything specific in mind & didn't know what to look at first.
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Sephora, but on-line - huge selection compared to either store, easy returns, good bonuses for points you accumulate with each order, and I pay w/Discover and get double cashback bonuses - 10% - got back $13+ the other day for one order - pays to check it out anytime you're shopping on-line, not just at Sephora. I never carry a balance, so I pay no interest, and it's just found money.

If I want drugstore brands, I can get them cheaper elsewhere than at Ulta.
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Ulta! I have pretty much quit going to Sephora since they opened Ulta in my area over a year ago. I definitely take advantage of their coupons (which you can get online and use for every purchase (some products excluded). Plus, I redeem my rewards on anything when I bank enough.

I love that I can go there and get Deva products, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree for my men, and Burt's Bees facial cleanser in one stop!

I still have to go to Sephora or Macy's for the only mascara that does not bother my eyes (Clinique Lash Power).
Spider, I got the TooFaced liner; love it. Thanks!

It's a little bit runny by the end of the day on me; does that happen to you?

(I still get a fuller, more subtle line than with anything else, regardless.)
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I also agree that the staff at Ulta is not very knowledgeable. I usually do my homework online and know what I want before going in.

On another note, I was told that Sephora is going to start carrying Deva products in-store at some point, she just didn't know when. They already sell them online.

I also feel really bad if I return anything to Sephora. I don't get that feeling if I make a return at Ulta.
Now that I think about it, there's usually one or two people at Ulta who do know their stuff, but many more milling around, happy to give up if they can't find what I need right away.

Still, I'm just more comfortable there. However, if there was a freestanding Sephora somewhere, I would probably try it again.

It depends. There isn't much of a difference for me time-wise.

Sephora for makeup because Ulta doesn't have MUFE.

Ulta for my summer Joico conditioner.

At my location, the Ulta staff are snootier and pusher with products. They also push hair straightening. No one at Sephora is trying to change my hair. Sephora also has given me better color help. Ulta tries to push me into medium foundations 'so I won't look so pale' or bronzers for the same reason.

Body sunscreen and bobby pins and some nail polish at Ulta.

Ilamasqua nail polish at Sephora.
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Kiva! Microfinance works.

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