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Default Body Lotion Recs for Winter

I have really sensitive skin. In the winter, it gets dry, irritated, and itchy. My problem, however, is that when I use a moisturizer or body butter my skin stings and gets really irritated. It's not like an allergic reaction, but more like just irritation. Then it feels worse than when dry.

Any suggestions for a good moisturizer for winter for really sensitive skin?
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CeraVe. (I may have capitalized that wrong.)

I've had times when my skin has cracked in the winter, and I react to laundry soap very easily. Last year when I used too much Borax in my washing, someone here recommended CeraVe, and it helped.
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I use Shea butter.that I purchase from amazon.

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Goats Milk lotion from a health/whole foods store. It is the best stuff in the world for sensitive skin, and goats milk soap/lotion is also the closest you can get to the natural PH of human skin. It really helps your skin get back in balance.
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CeraVe! Also make sure to use a very gentle body cleanser and dont scrub your skin. I had a derm tell me to only actively cleanse in body folds... No need to scrub arms/legs/etc as it just dries the skin.
If the air is dry in your area, use a humidifier nightly but keep it very clean.
Also taking fish oil along with a gla like borage oil can be helpful.
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Always choose best quality products for your skin and give priorities to natural oils, creams and herbal lotions because they don't cause irritation or allergy.

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I use coconut oil and cocoa butter. It leaves my hands oily for a few minutes but I don't have dry hands anymore.

It also helped me a lot when I used a gentler soap in the shower. Right now I'm just using a body butter to wash with, but I used to use Dr. Bronner's baby mild Castile soap diluted in a foam dispenser.
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I love coconut oil as well. But one thing I would highly reccomend is shea butter!

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I melt and mix any combo of these and pour it into tubs - coconut, jojoba, sunflower, safflower, hempseed oils; shea, cocoa butters; fragrance oil.
I recommend washing and shaving with conditioner (just like people who condition wash their hair). Since I gave up using soap and shower gels, my skin is much better in the dry winter air.
Also, cut back on how much laundry detergent and fabric softener you use.
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My skin is not sensitive but I use grapeseed oil (mixed w/ a little frangrance oil).
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