Oil cleansing method?

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Anyone follow the OCM to clean your face, either for moisturizing, anti-aging or acne? If so, what are your results? Which oil(s) do you use? Do you have before and after pics?

I want to try it, but am super-nervous!

Please share your experience.
I did it and it broke me out. Normally my skin is clear. Very disappointed.
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I tried it last night...I will update as soon as I figure out how my skin likes it. I used olive oil with tea tree oil. My skin isnt as oily as i expected it would be.
I have been doing it for 2+ years, and I am never going back. I use coconut, olive, and avocado oils.
Coconut to remove makeup from face, and to use when scrubbing face with wash cloth.
I mix avocado and aloe together to use as a face "lotion".
I haven't broken out in a very long time
That's good to hear! Your skin is beautiful! I'm hoping it helps get rid of these blackheads and evens out my ruddy skin...eww.
It helped to even out my skin tone a lot! I used to have very red, patchy spots on my skin. It wasn't acne, just flushed parts on my skin. Blackheads also aren't a problem anymore, they cleared up about 2 months in. Good luck!
That's the main problem that I have. I don't have a lot of problems with acne, my skin just doesn't look clean and clear. I'm on day 5 or so and still haven't broken out, so we'll see!
Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
I did it for a few months last year, and really need to go back to it. I started off using olive oil, and it made my face SUPER oily and I broke out so bad. Then I read that olive oil isn't the best oil to use, so I did some more research. Then I tried with 10% castor oil, 20% sunflower oil, and my face was loving it! Then I used pure jojoba oil and loved it even better! I always have red patches in my T zone with regular face wash, but I didn't have the red patches after I washed my face. My face was super smooth and I wasn't breaking out like I normally had!

I was short on time with a schedule change and didn't have the time to keep up the routine in the mornings. I hold a warm washcloth to my face until it cools, wipe off oil, and repeat 3x. My face isn't the same as it was with the oil, and I was just thinking last week that I really need to go back to oil cleansing.

Side note: I've tried essential oil in the mix, and no matter what I used it made me break out.
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I've been using it for years. I use half castor oil, half apricot oil and it works well for me. I also got 3 of my co-workers hooked on it; they were having skin problems. Right now I'm using an oil cleanser I bought from Sephora; I'm not impressed. I'm going back to my castor-apricot oil mix when I finish it.
I've been using it for years. I use half castor oil, half apricot oil and it works well for me. I also got 3 of my co-workers hooked on it; they were having skin problems. Right now I'm using an oil cleanser I bought from Sephora; I'm not impressed. I'm going back to my castor-apricot oil mix when I finish it.
Originally Posted by secret_karma
What is the cleansing oil you have from sephora? For a cleansing oil I use Boscia's Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing oil and I love it.

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I've been using oils for years. Right now I'm using straight jojoba oil (organic cold pressed).

Here is another thread with lots of info.
Oil cleansing method (OCM) for skin

And also some good lists of ingredients rated for comedogenics and irritation.
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I've been using Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil and really like it. I am tempted to try Clinique's cleansing oil when I order next from Sephora. I've never tried a DIY blend.
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I have used tea tree oil for cleansing. It keeps skin dry and free from any skin rashes.
I have used olive oil and it worked well for me.
Hmmm I think quite a lot of people here confuse OCM with oil-cleansing. OCM involves steaming (via hot cloth or hot water in a bowl) and castor oil, which is highly irritating.

OCM destroyed my face 4-years ago. I broke out like I never had and my face became dry, scaly and flaky. I don't know how I could even go out to public like that. That was the castor oil irritation.
It took me several months to calm my face down and the next 3 years trying to eradicate the scars. I had 2 patches on my cheeks, thinking that they're stubborn post-breakout hyperpigmentation, that turns out to be broken capillaries, thanks to scalding hot steaming from OCM.

While oil-cleansing, on the other hand, is a safer, gentler method. It involves a single oil or oil-mix (without castor, except for the PEG), being massaged into the skin, may be emulsified (by way of emulsifier in the oil or lathering with facewash), then washed or wiped away.
Some people don't emulsify and leave the residue (if using non-emulsifying oil) for moisture or even add some back.

I have combo-oily sensitive skin and I use sunflower oil, a really delicate wash for sensitive skin and washcloth to provide gentle exfoliation. I have tried grapeseed (too drying), olive (too clogging) and hempseed (nice, but expensive and too strong odor).
Many people, even the acne-prones, have found success in mineral oil. It's dirt cheap, too.
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