Eyeliner with eye shadow and a bunch of other questions!!

I was just wonding if someone could explain to me how to do this. I tried it a couple of times and it looks awful!

I was also wondering how ones wears eyeshadow. I was never really taught. I usually wear one colour on the lid and that's about it.

I was talking to my girlfriend the other night and she said that she wears a really light colour....usually white on her lid and then in the crease she wears a dark colour. I tried that the other day and I don't really know where to put the colours. It was in the crease of the eye lid that confused me. Could someone please help me.

I also not too sure what colours to use. I would like to go for a "make-up lesson" but don't have the money. I usually wear dark purples. Is that ok??

there are as many different ways to wear eyeshadow as there are people!

no one way is right or wrong.

some people simply like a sweep of one colour on their lids, others do two and still others - ME for example - habitually wear three or more.

i don't wear white on my lids very often, usually cream or peach. sometimes i'll finish by lining with a dark brown and then sweeping the same dark brown in the crease - using a crease brush (MAC 224 - but you can buy similar brushes at the craft store for much less). finish with mascara and go.

other times, i'll carefully layer on colours.

Clinique has their "All About Eyes" clinics several times a year and they teach skin care in the delicate eye area in addition to makeup techniques. these are free, though it is a good idea to buy something. these clinics are usually held at a Clinique "bonus" time too!

you can find out when these are held by going to the HBC website and getting event information for your local store.

and then there's always Sephora now that they're open in the Eaton Centre. makeup applications are ALWAYS FREE and if you go early or on a not-busy day - like Monday - and just want an eye makeup lesson, someone will be able to help you!

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check this site out
it shows about to put eyeshadow on step by step
very thick brown 3b/3c curls
Stila makes a brush that makes putting shadow in the crease a breeze. It also has an eyeliner brush on the other end. If you go to the Stila counter, they can show you how to use it. I believe Smashbox might make a similar brush--at least they used to.
I liked the Almay site, but I was just browsing around and found this, too.


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